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Is blood donation good for the body? Precautions and taboos of blood donation

Generally, there are some blood donation cars on the streets of the city. Will you donate blood? Is regular blood donation good for the body? The life span of blood red cells is only 120 days. It is suggested that if you have the love of blood donation, it is a good thing.

Is blood donation good?

Good for blood production

Human blood is constantly metabolizing, and there are many blood cells from aging to apoptosis at every moment, but at the same time, there will be a large number of new cells constantly generated, so as to better maintain the normal metabolism balance of human body. Moreover, when the human body's own hematopoiesis function is gradually enhanced after blood donation, it is conducive to the timely supplement of the lost blood cells.

Among them, bone marrow is an important hematopoietic organ in the human body, but with the continuous growth of people's age, the human body's own hematopoietic function and blood cells in the blood show a gradual downward trend. And the full blood can nourish the viscera and organs of the whole body effectively, which is conducive to the functional regulation of the five viscera and six Fu organs. Therefore, if the hematopoietic function of the human body decreases, it is easy to make the normal viscera and organs function damaged.

In the process of blood donation, it can have an excellent regulatory effect, because after blood donation, the number of blood cells in the blood gradually decreases, which will have a certain stimulating effect on the bone marrow, so that the blood cells stored in the bone marrow can be fully released, and also stimulate the hematopoietic tissue of the bone marrow, so that the blood cells in the blood can be effectively generated, which is also to enhance the human body's own production Important methods of blood function. So for a healthy person, if blood donation is carried out according to the prescribed items, it will not have adverse effects on people's body, not to mention bad damage to vital energy, and it can also be conducive to the generation of blood in the body.

Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Regular blood donation can effectively reduce the composition of the blood, the largest proportion of which is iron and protein, which has a good dilution effect on the blood, promotes the flow rate of the blood, and naturally reduces the blood lipid, which also reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis. Therefore, to master the correct blood donation method is an excellent and effective way to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

What are the taboos of blood donation?

1. Too much is not enough

Although blood donation has many advantages, there are also some taboos. Appropriate blood donation can regulate and protect people's body to a certain extent, but excessive blood donation can easily cause anemia, irregular heart rate and other ischemic symptoms, which is not conducive to people's physical and mental health. So when donating blood, we need to follow the doctor's advice and do what we can.

2. Unsuitable people

For some people who are in menstruation and anemia, it is not suitable to donate blood, because the body of the people in this stage is in a relatively weak state, and at this time, blood donation is easy to aggravate the disease, the symptoms of body ischemia, and then harm people's health.

Precautions after blood donation

1. More rest

Some people with weak constitution or the first blood donation are prone to dizziness, nausea and other adverse symptoms, which is closely related to the sudden change of blood pressure. So after donating blood, it's better not to engage in strenuous physical labor, but to pay more attention to rest and rest. Under normal condition, the body condition can be restored in two days after blood donation.

2. Dietotherapy

For those who have donated blood, they need to strengthen the matters of dietotherapy and blood supplement in their diet. Eat more iron rich food, including animal liver, meat, fish and other food needs to eat more. And in the food items after blood donation, try to avoid eating cold, spicy and other stimulating food.