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Can hairy crabs eat bitter? How can hairy crabs not suffer?

How about hairy crabs suffering? Generally, hairy crabs suffering is a very common phenomenon, many people will encounter this situation, it may be because the crabs are not mature, or the crabs are polluted.

Can hairy crabs eat bitter?

It's better not to eat.

Crabs have bitter taste. This bitter ingredient, whether caused by pollutants, drugs or their own feces, is harmful to human body and is not suitable for eating.

The reason why hairy crabs suffer is generally because of the bitterness of crab roe. There are many reasons for the bitterness, but there are two kinds:

1. Hairy crabs are not yet fully mature. They are eaten too early and the crab roe is too tender. They will taste bitter.

2. There is a problem in practice, because hairy crabs grow up in water, so there may be some dirty things that are not cleaned up, and they will be bitter to eat.

How to make hairy crab bitter? It's because the crab is too tender and the time hasn't come.

According to the chef of a Shanghai Hotel specializing in hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake, he said that from the end of October to November is the best time for the crabs. If you want to eat it now, try to pick a female crab. 9. The male crab in October is not as fat as the female crab, so it is' empty '.

The crabmeat is bitter. In addition to the crabs being tender, there's another reason: the preparation before cooking is not enough.

In addition, crabs must be kept in clean water for two days before they are bought back to the pot. Two days later, the crabs are basically 'cultured'. The crab that raises pure, the dirty thing in the belly is discharged completely, crab yellow won't be bitter naturally.

How to deal with hairy crabs without suffering

1. Purchase of crab in regular breeding

Choose the crabs raised by regular farmers. It's better to see the crabs in the breeding base. The breeding base is in the lake water and the water quality is guaranteed. The normal cooking of this kind of crabs will not bring bitterness.

2. Keep as many days as you can

I don't know if the bought crab is cultured in a regular breeding base. It's better to keep this kind of crab at home with clear water for a few more days. During this period, pay attention to change the water frequently. When the crab discharges all the harmful substances in the body, it will not taste bitter.