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What do freshmen need to bring to school in 2018? Necessities for Freshmen

for many freshmen, it's about to start school, and they are going to go to a new city to go to university. For many people, isn't it particularly uncomfortable? So for freshmen, what are the things they need to bring to school? For parents, they need to prepare all kinds of things for their children.

It must not be forgotten:

letter of admission;

College entrance examination permit;

File bags (some need to be brought by themselves, some high schools will send them directly to universities);

Report card (if any);

Copy of household register;

Copies of ID card and positive and negative copies; (there will be places to copy in the school, but there will be many people waiting in line at the beginning of the school)

One inch registration photo and one version; (more benefits, application, student registration card filling, student association reporting, joining the party, resume submission, application for part-time work study, etc.)

Proof of the relationship between the party and the Communist Youth League; (usually it's in the file bag. Don't lose it, or you'll have to repeat your admission to the Communist Youth League, so many years of League membership fees will be paid in vain.)

(of course, the following necessities are also sold in the school. Considering that there are many things to start school and that you are not familiar with the school, you should consider it at your own discretion.)

A. The list of necessary items for freshmen to start school - Toiletries & hellip; & hellip;



Gargle cup;

Towel; (better to absorb water) (buy lanyard or hook accordingly)

Facial cleanser;

Skin care products; (boys should also prepare some)

Shampoo; (it's cost-effective to have a large bottle, or a small one. When you go to the bathroom, the burden is lighter.)

Bath gel; (ditto)

Bath ball, towel and so on;

A razor; (it's necessary for boys, but it's not impressive for those with stubble)

Basin (choose the one that can be stacked together to save the floor space and not make the dormitory too crowded);

Open 2 water bottles (don't be too delicate and eye-catching, easy to be stolen; the quality of the shell must be good, otherwise it will be bad if you smash it and burn your legs)


Soap or hand sanitizer;

Washing soap (don't plan to wash clothes with washing powder for four years. In the long run, your hands may not need to see people);

Soap box (don't buy small, one for soap, one for laundry soap);

Plastic gloves; (girls should be used to wearing gloves to wash things)

Bucket (I don't use it very much for the time being, but I use it to put the dirty clothes that I haven't had time to wash)

Collar cleaner or bleach (in case of emergency)

Brush; (for shoe washing)

Steel wire ball; (when entering the new dormitory, I found that the predecessors were not hygienic enough, and there were many stubborn stains in the water pool; when I ate the rice box with instant noodles and other food, I didn't want to wash it, I used it for a few days as soon as I put it on it)

P. S. take more plastic bags when you go to the bathhouse to take a bath, so as to separate dry clothes, wet clothes and bath products.

B. List of necessary items for freshmen to start school clothing & hellip; & hellip;

Clothes (outerwear, underwear, socks, etc. Students who are not from other places can go home once a month or so, and the clothes of the day can be taken away first);

Shoes, slippers, belts

Hanger (two pieces); (buy hanger of different quality according to different clothes)

Clothes drying clip (a row); (it is mainly used to clamp the hanger and clothes drying rope to prevent clothes from blowing away)

A hoop hanger for drying a lot of socks;

Big clip (for drying quilt)

Clothes drying pole

Several hooks (which can be attached to the wall);

Moth proof and mildew proof items such as camphor balls; (don't put too much on them at one time, or they will smoke people when wearing clothes.)

Hairpin, rubber band (want to wear hair in military training? You will not die if you are hot!)

Mirror, comb

All kinds of size boxes (containing miscellaneous small things, saving space and convenient to find);

C. A list of necessary items for freshmen to start school - Diet & hellip; & hellip;

Drink a water cup or bottle. (the best one who is not afraid of falling is to use his own water cup for military training.)

Lunch box (mainly for instant noodles. There is a disposable lunch box in the canteen. You won't take it to the canteen)

Chopsticks (there are also chopsticks in the canteen. It's for making noodles. The comrades who are determined to make noodles remember to bring another bottle of detergent)

Peeler, fruit knife;

Spoon (for half a watermelon)

Pickle, dried mom, vinegar, jam and other condiments (things in the canteen are not necessarily delicious, and vinegar is also mixed with a lot of water. This is casual.)

Milk, biscuits, small bread and other things ready to eat. (low sugar, low salt, low fat and high fiber are recommended)

D. A list of necessary items for freshmen to start school - Accommodation & hellip; & hellip;

Mosquito nets;


Summer sleeping mat;


Two sheets;

Pillow case;

Quilt (it's better to have an air-conditioned quilt or silk quilt besides a winter quilt, otherwise you may not have a place to put more quilt) (the bag containing the quilt is also taken);

Small bench;

E. List of necessary items for freshmen to start school trip & hellip; & hellip;

Umbrella (not only beautiful, good quality)


Bag; (large and small, do it by yourself)

Key ring (for hanging dormitory and drawer keys)

Local map and bus route map; (can buy at school)

The key to the house (otherwise, I suddenly want to go home but I can't enter the house)

Bicycles (big school students can think about this one. It's quite partial nearby. Bicycles are very convenient)

Invoice and warranty of each item (if there is national joint insurance)

F. List of necessary items for freshmen to start school - Stationery & hellip; & hellip;

Pen (black pen is necessary, it's useful to fill in a lot of forms at the beginning of the school) (there may not be time to buy it at the beginning of the school, and the school supermarket may not have its own brand)

Small notebook with you (many things are only told once by counselors and teachers. Things in university are far more complicated than those in middle school, so it's not easy to forget to write it down)

U disk (the courseware and homework of the copy teacher should be used. It's better not to use the mobile phone. The virus of the school computer is rampant)

Watch (no cell phone in the exam)

G. A list of necessary items for freshmen to start school - small electrical and electronic products & hellip; & hellip;

Mobile phone (not to mention you will not forget HA)

Mobile phone charger;

Eye protection desk lamp;

Bedside lamp;

Alarm clock; (it's OK to use mobile phone)

Small table fan;

Electric hair dryer, electric rice cooker, electric kettle (these high-power electric appliances are not allowed to be brought, so we don't need to bring them. If we grasp them, we'll take measures. It's not worth it.)

Digital camera; (record the highlights of college life at any time; it will be very helpful to attach the image materials of the activity when submitting the resume and writing the practice report. Please keep your valuables)

Computers and accessories; (some schools in this freshman year don't allow them, so I'd better bear it

H. A list of necessary items for freshmen to start school - Tools & hellip; & hellip;

Nail cutters;

Scissors, knives;

Lock (lock wardrobe, other number as appropriate, with computer lock computer host);

One multi-purpose socket (i.e. terminal block, with at least two holes, three holes and more than four holes)

Flashlights, emergency lights; (in case of power failure, you can continue to do your own thing)

Battery (for flashlight, MP4 / 5, electronic dictionary, optional);

Needlework bag (I'll rely on myself later. Military training pants are broken and the waistband is large);

Transparent adhesive, 502, double-sided adhesive, large circle of transparent adhesive, etc;

Rope; (it's used to hang towels. It's also used to distribute new books. It's not in the classroom. It's from a long distance that I took them back to my dormitory.)

Lighter (girls have to take it too, in case they need it from time to time);

Bookcase (the kind of clip used by senior three)

Cross, slotted small screwdriver;

A small hammer, pliers, etc.; (no need to borrow them from anywhere if necessary)

1. List of necessary items for freshmen to start school - medicine, health & hellip; & hellip;

Paper roll, paper towel;

Paper towel tube;

Sanitary cotton (a must for girls, but not for boys);

Flower and dew water, essence of wind oil, cool oil, etc.; (mosquito repellent, antipruritic, heatstroke treatment are useful, absolutely necessary)

Small household medicine boxes -- white + black, vitamin C, Sanjiu Weitai, anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for colds, fevers, gastrointestinal problems, drugs for girls with a history of pain and dysmenorrhea; bandages, cotton swabs, medicinal cotton flowers, Yunnan Baiyao, etc. to treat falls, bruises and other accidents (school hospitals may not be reliable, and some will be far away from dormitories, well prepared, no need for their own, others also Maybe there is a need, and it's also one of the ways to make a good impression

Clean the toilet properly; (it is very effective to remove the Yellow dirt in the walls, floors and urinals)

Disinfectant water (favorite belt)

J. List of necessary items for freshmen to start school - military training supplies

Sunscreen (don't be afraid of being expensive, but ask for military training not to peel off, not to return after winter!);

Kettle (large water capacity!!);

A better quality insole; (if I don't wear that shoe for military training, my feet will break. Even if I wear my own shoes for a long time, my feet will hurt. I remember that I took two dozen of them at that time, a pair of them in the dormitory.)

All kinds of nutrition and dry food (sesame paste, milk, instant noodles, oatmeal, etc.), it's a very painful thing to line up during military training;

Rubber band, small hairpin (tie hair, clip bangs);

A small handkerchief or enough paper towels;

Wet tissue (you can take it with you, but don't let it burn, or you won't feel it)

Herbal tea powder; (drink it after standing in the sun all day)

Coffee (if you feel like you can't get enough sleep to get to the station and stand still) (if you can get through military training at school);

Be good to yourself during military training and eat more nutritious food.

Would you like to thank some of the younger brothers and sisters who are going to university for organizing the most complete list of necessary items for freshmen to start school?