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Is honey like frost and Phoenix dead? Why does Xu Feng become a demon?

The Xufeng in the TV drama "fragrant honey sinking like frost" was originally the son of the emperor of heaven. He was the second highness of the heaven and had the appearance of heaven and man. However, in the latest scenario, Xufeng was stabbed to death by Jinmi. Did Xufeng die? Why did Xufeng become a demon?

But in the end, he went to the hostile position in the heaven, because he became the devil of the netherworld, and Jinmi, his favorite, became the enemy. In fact, Xufeng became the devil of Jinmi, because they were framed at that time, leading Jinmi to kill him because of misunderstanding of Xufeng. Xufeng also fell into the devil's way because of the cruelty of his beloved, and finally because of love, hate and hatred For the devil.

Xu Feng is the son of the emperor of heaven. He was originally the second highness of heaven, but later he became the ghost Lord. The reason why Xu Feng became a demon is because of love. Xu Feng likes Jinmi. But Jinmi kills Xufeng by mistake. Xu Feng has been reduced from the son of a generation of emperor to the devil of the netherworld. Although she is still powerful, she is far away from Jinmi.

In this way, Xu Feng fell into the devil's way because of love and hate, but also because Xu Feng became a devil, Jinmi finally spit out 'meteorite' to break through the perception of love. Because they love the third life cycle, they finally get together, so Xu Feng has no real death, just become a demon.

The reason why the audience is looking forward to Jinmi stabbing the Phoenix is that their feelings will be further sublimated through this matter. Although Jinmi's pursuit of the Phoenix is a cruel process, the audience is willing to see the Phoenix grow into a real "tyrant president".

This play is also memorable for the two protagonists.

Yang Zi said in an interview that she didn't need to perform at all in this play. She was very emotional and finished shooting naturally.

After killing the Phoenix by hand, Jin Mi spits out the elixir of "suppressing emotion" in her body. At that moment, she understands her love for the Phoenix, but she wants to see the other party's "soul flies" (in fact, she has left a little).

'Phoenix' is very aggrieved - he has paid all for Jinmi, even his mother (Tian Hou) has no consideration. He thinks that after the 'spiritual cultivation', he and Jinmi will get married eventually. Never thought that Jinmi still insisted on marrying his eldest brother 'Runyu'. He went to get married and was stabbed by Jinmi.

Both of the leading actors can't play, so it can be seen that this scene is devastating.

After the Phoenix becomes the devil, the relationship between him and Jinmi will enter the sprint stage, and after a fight, they will have a happy ending.