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How does the girl back grow blain blain to return a responsibility? Can sulfur soap be used for back

for many girls, acne is easy to grow on the front and back in summer. It could have been a great show to wear clothes with exposed back, but it turned out that they gave up because the back was so ugly. So what's the reason for acne on the back? Is it because of the heavy moisture in the body?

Is the back long blain heavy moisture?

Back acne is not caused by heavy moisture. The factors that cause back acne can be divided into internal and external factors. The internal factors are mainly lung heat and blocked meridians. The external factors are not good personal hygiene and the back oil secretion is strong. You can determine the causes of back acne by combining some habits and other reactions of your body.

How does back grow blain to do?

Internal Countermeasures

In case of acne on the back caused by internal causes, we should pay more attention to regulating the lungs, eat pears, loquats, wax gourds and other foods that can clear away the heat, pay attention to indoor ventilation and strengthen air disinfection at ordinary times. If the acne is serious, it can also be improved by cupping, because cupping can dredge channels and activate collaterals, activate Qi and activate blood, which has a good effect on the treatment of acne on the back.

External Countermeasures

If it is caused by external causes, you should wash and change clothes frequently, especially close fitting clothes, and change bedclothes once a month. When you take a bath, you must wash the shower gel clean, and do not smear oily body milk on your back. After you take a bath, dry all parts of the water before you wear clothes. It is very important to keep your back clean and fresh.

Can sulfur soap be used for acne on the back?

The acne on the back can be cleaned with sulfur soap, because sulfur soap can inhibit the secretion of sebum, kill bacteria, fungi, mold, mites, parasites, etc., which has certain prevention and auxiliary treatment effect on some skin diseases, while the acne on the back of some friends is caused by mites, if you use sulfur soap to clean when bathing, it only takes a week, the mites on the back can It's enough to clean it up.

Can long acne on the back be scrapped?

Scraping is not allowed for acne on the back. According to the doctor's introduction, scraping has no real health care function, only real damage, so it is impossible to remove acne on the back by scraping at all. In addition, if the acne on the back has been scratched, scraping on the back is also very dangerous, which may cause damage to the skin and should be avoided.