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Can olive oil make eyelashes longer? How to increase the length of eyelashes

In general, olive oil can grow eyelashes. Olive oil has a high nutritional value. It can make eyelashes longer and denser by applying it to them. For girls, thick eyelashes can make girls look more beautiful, so many girls will increase the length of their eyelashes through various ways.

Can olive oil grow eyelashes?

Yes, olive oil can not only grow eyelashes, but also make them more dense!

Olive oil contains vitamins and many minerals, which can promote the growth of eyelashes. But the eye skin is particularly sensitive, so if it is used on the eyelashes, pay attention to the dosage to avoid fat particles.

It should also be noted that the olive oil (virgin olive oil) is not the same as the one that can be used for beauty and skin care. The olive oil can not be directly applied to the body or hair.

Method: Brush olive oil on eyelashes before going to bed every night. Do not brush on the eyelash root and eyelid, otherwise it may cause fat particles.

How long does olive oil work on eyelashes varies from person to person!

Olive oil can be applied to eyelashes, but the effect is not obvious. You can add VC in it. You can buy VC capsules in pharmacies, mix them together, and apply them to the root of eyelashes with cotton swabs. Be careful not to apply them to the eyelids, or there will be fat particles~

Olive oil can increase eyelashes for about two to three months.

Other ways to grow eyelashes

1. use VE: VE sold in an ordinary drugstore. Take a piece of toothpaste every day and use a toothpick to pierce the eyelash. This method is easy to grow fat granules. It is recommended to pour liquid into the waste Mascara bottle and apply mascara brush directly when it is applied, so that it can avoid injure the eyes.

2. Apply with VAD or cod liver oil: some people use VD capsule to smear eyelashes, which is a good method for some people.

3. Olive oil: olive oil has many advantages. It can not only be used to stir fry vegetables directly, but also has great beauty value. It can be used to moisturize hair and help eyelashes grow. It must be wiped with olive oil, not on the eyes, which is easy to grow fat particles.

4. Overnight tea: the overnight tea bag is good. It can be applied directly to the eyes, which can also make the eyelashes grow. Some people say that green tea works well, but in fact, it works well no matter which way.

5. Apply the eye cream that has effect on the black eye circle: wipe the eye cream rich in the dark eye circle that can slow down the black eye circle, which can effectively help the eyelashes longer and thicker.

6. Vaseline: this kind of substance is more used in hand cream. What we didn't expect is that it can also be used to help eyelash growth.

7. Aloe: apply fresh aloe juice or aloe gel to eyelashes.

8. Eyelash cutting: eyelash will grow rapidly after eyelash cutting, but this method will vary from person to person, and the effect may be better for children.

9. Eyelash grafting and planting: go to a professional shop to choose a suitable false eyelash, and stick it to the real eyelash one by one with a special waterproof glue. The grafted eyelashes are natural and curly, and do not need mascara. It will cost a lot of money and the effect will not last for a long time.