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How to judge whether a used car is flooded? How often does a flooded car break down?

Every year, some of the "flooded cars" caused by heavy rain will flow into the used car market. For some people who are not particularly rich in economic strength, how to judge whether a car is flooded when they want to buy a car?

"Flooded vehicle" is equivalent to accident vehicle

Every year, some of the "flooded cars" caused by rainstorms will flow into the used car market. 'Mr. Zhang, a car dealer in the second-hand car market, told reporters that because the price of "flooded cars" is relatively low, some second-hand car dealers will collect these cars, carry out some renovation treatment, and then sell them at a higher price.

In the interview, many second-hand car dealers confessed to reporters that "flooded cars" do exist in the second-hand car market, and the price of these cars is much cheaper than normal second-hand cars. But they think that the existence of flooded cars is inevitable. "Many cars are good, some are even new cars, but once flooded by water, they can't be scrapped directly.".

That said, but for ordinary car buyers, "flooded car" in the end can buy it?

"In the second-hand car evaluation criteria, flooded vehicles, especially those with no roof or water in the engine, are equivalent to accident vehicles. Mr. Wang from a 4S shop of Shanghai GM said that due to the "flooded car", especially the "flooded car" with water running over the roof, the water in the car was serious, and the water entered into many small cracks, which would lead to the accelerated corrosion of the whole metal parts of the car body. At the same time, there are many sound insulation cotton and other materials that are easy to absorb water. If not handled properly, the car will have a heavy mildew smell in the later use , and some electronic components that are not easy to find fault will also cause vehicle failure. These uncertain factors make 'flooded car' face many problems after purchase.

A second-hand car dealer who has a good relationship with the reporter also told the reporter: "we are all friends and it's better not to buy & lsquo; flooded cars & rsquo; especially those whose engines have been watered and overhauled, it's difficult to repair them to the previous state.". '

How to distinguish "flooded car"

There will be some potential safety hazards after the vehicle is seriously involved in the water. However, ordinary consumers don't understand the vehicle, so how to identify the vehicle is a problem. In order to make more profits, dealers are likely to conceal the fact that the vehicle is soaked in water. So how can the owners of second-hand cars grow their eyes and avoid risks? The reporter interviewed Mr. Wang, who has many years of experience in selling second-hand cars, and asked him to tell us some experience.

In the interview, Master Wang told reporters that now the method of repairing vehicles is very clever, which makes it very difficult to identify the work, but some 'clues' can be found after some details. For example, open the fuse box of the engine, check whether there are mud, muddy water, water marks, etc. between the fuses; check whether there are muddy water, leaves and other debris on the radiator of the water tank and the condensation tank; lift the rear seat, pull out the sound insulation cotton to check the vehicle floor, the floor under normal condition is clean and solid, but after soaking in water, it will leave water marks or deformation; also, pull out all the safety belts, Check the tail end for water marks, stains, etc. In a word, observe carefully in some details.

In addition, when buying second-hand cars, we should not be greedy for cheap. Due to the unstable quality of "flooded car", second-hand car merchants are eager to sell after receiving the car. Generally, the price of "flooded car" will be about 10% cheaper than the normal receiving price, so the price will be relatively cheap. If you find that the price of a certain model is cheaper than the normal market price, you should think about why it is cheaper and be alert. In the actual transaction process, the warranty period of half a year to one year can also be agreed with the used car broker. Although it may increase some costs, but with the warranty period will be more assured of the quality of used cars.