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Do you know how to kill cockroaches

As we all know, cockroach is a very hateful pest. They may appear at home and in every corner, spreading bacteria and viruses. Especially in the kitchen, their figures are more rampant, which has a serious impact on the health environment of the home. How can we get rid of these hateful cockroaches? Here's how to clean cockroaches.

First, clean the house thoroughly. The most fundamental way to say goodbye to cockroaches is to keep the house clean. On weekdays, we must clean the house regularly, especially in the kitchen, to ensure that there is no greasy or other messy problems in every corner. Only in this way, can we thoroughly clean the hotbed of cockroach parasitism, and then our clean family can no longer be bothered by cockroaches.

Second, use insecticide sprays. Spraying insecticides is an effective way to eliminate cockroaches. After cleaning the house thoroughly, we can spray it on the front, back, left and right corners, especially on the sofa, bed and under the cabinet. After the final spraying, close the doors and windows, and then we can go out for an hour and come back in order not to be affected by the pesticide air.

Third, use baits to kill cockroaches. Poison bait is a kind of economical and effective way to kill cockroaches. To do this, we can go to the store to buy some baits and use them according to the instructions. You will find that cockroaches will soon disappear.

Fourth, use soapy water to kill cockroaches. In life, we can also use hot soapy water to kill cockroaches. The method is very simple. First pour some boiling water into the basin, then put the soap into the basin to let it melt. After mixing it, you can wipe all the places where cockroaches often appear at home. Or just put it there, and you will find that this method is not only simple and environmentally friendly, but also has a surprising effect on killing cockroaches.