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Does the daughter country in journey to the West really exist? Where is the kingdom of daughters?

In journey to the west, when monk Tang passed the women's country of Xiliang, he had a story with the king of the country of his daughter & hellip; & hellip; recently, a netizen asked: has the country of her daughter really existed in history? Where is it now? Let's follow the editor to get to know.

1. The earliest daughter country recorded in history is located in the islands of modern Japan

Daughter country is undoubtedly the remains of matriarchal society. There are many records about daughter country in ancient books. According to the book of mountains and seas, the kingdom of women is in the north of Wuxian. The two women live in the water week. Live in one door every day. 'the women's kingdom is located in the north of Wuxian, where two women live, surrounded by water. It is also said that they live in the middle of a door.

The above record is questionable: is there only two women in the so-called women's country? Surrounded by water, it seems to be an island country. But why do you live in the middle of a gate? Does the gate refer to the mountain? It refers to the physical gate & hellip; & hellip; which makes people fall into the clouds after reading, so it is unclear. But a record in the book of the later Han Dynasty may explain it--

Emperor Wu destroyed Korea and took Woju as xuantu county. To Guangwu, the leader of wojuhou & hellip; hellip; said that there were women in the sea and no men. Or it's said that the state-owned Shenjing, which often gives birth to children. It is said here that there are women's countries overseas, no men, and there is a god well in North Korea. Women can get pregnant and have children after watching it.

Don't expect a man to look at the well and have a baby. There are too many mysterious colors in this story. Although the credibility of the story is biased in the dissemination, it can be inferred from the records that the earliest recorded daughter country in history is located in the present Japanese islands.

To this end, a record in Liangshu provides evidence: there is a woman country more than 1000 miles to the east of Fusang country. The people in the woman country have good looks, white skin and long hair that can be dragged to the ground. There is Shenhe River in China. In February and March every year, women jump into the water, and they will be pregnant and have children. A woman has no milk, hair on the back of her neck, white hair root, and water juice inside. She can feed her baby. The baby can walk 100 days after birth. She is three or four years old. Women will avoid strangers when they see them, especially afraid of men. They eat a kind of salty grass like animals. This kind of salty grass is similar to that of Artemisia Sinica, which tastes very salty.

2. The prototype of the daughter country described in journey to the west is the East daughter country

As we all know, "journey to the west" is from the story of Tang Xuanzang, a famous monk in the Tang Dynasty, who took scriptures from the West. The records of the western regions of Tang Dynasty, which was preserved by Xuanzang of Tang Dynasty, records what he saw and heard on his way through India and the western regions. Therefore, the daughter country in journey to the West originates from the story of the western regions in the Tang Dynasty.

In the fourth volume of the western regions of the Tang Dynasty, there is indeed a record of the kingdom of daughters: it is long in the East and West, narrow in the north and south, that is, the kingdom of daughters in the East. Women are king in the world, for they are called nations. My husband is also king. I don't know about politics. The husband is only fighting and planting. It's better to stay in wheat and have more livestock, sheep and horses. Hellip; hellip;

At present, most people think that the "women's country" here is the "East women's country" that is considered by the academic community. According to Sui Shu, the daughter kingdom is located in the south of Congling. The king of the country is a woman, and the Queen's surname is Su PI, with the word end Jie. The Queen's husband, Jin Ju, doesn't ask about politics. The main task of the domestic men has been to defend the country.

The land of daughters is built on the mountain. The city is five or six miles around, with a population of more than ten thousand. The palace is on the 9th floor. There are hundreds of maids in it. They go to the court every five days. There is also a little queen who is in charge of state affairs with the queen. This country has a tradition of valuing women over men. Both men and women paint color on their faces. The color changes in a day.

People in the kingdom of daughters wear their hair loose and make shoes out of animal skin, which is heavily taxed. It's very cold. People live by hunting. It is rich in cinnabar, musk, yak and steed. Its specialty is salt. By selling salt to the country of Tianzhu, the country has made a lot of profits. There have also been wars with Tianzhu and Dangxiang.

If the queen died, the Chinese would use a lot of money to find two virtuous women, one is the queen and the other is the little king. When the nobles of the kingdom of daughters die, they will peel off their skins, mix the gold scraps with their bones and flesh, and bury them in bottles. A year later, the skin was buried in an iron container.

The daughter country believed in Asura and tree gods, and offered sacrifices to people or macaques every year. After the sacrificial ceremony, people go to the mountain to pray for blessings. They will catch birds like pheasants. They will have a look in their hands. If there is corn in it, it means a good year. If there is sand in it, it means a bad year. The local people call it "bird divination". In the sixth year of emperor kaihuang's reign, the Sui Dynasty sent envoys to pay tribute, but they never came back.

3. Where is the daughter country described in journey to the West

Where is the eastern kingdom of women? According to the book of Tang Dynasty, the eastern kingdom of women originally belongs to a tribe of Western Qiang. Because there is a daughter country in the Western sea, it is called the eastern kingdom of women. It is connected with Maozhou in the East, Yazhou in the southeast, luonvman and bailangyi in the middle.

In Sui and Tang Dynasties, Maozhou was roughly equivalent to today's Beichuan, Wenchuan, Maowen Qiang Autonomous County and other places in Sichuan. Yazhou is located in the west of Sichuan Basin, bordering Chengdu in the East, Ganzi in the west, Liangshan in the South and ABA in the north.

Based on the above records, it can be concluded that the daughter country described in journey to the west is located in the northwest end of the ancient Silk Road, which generally refers to the present Xinjiang.