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What's Zhongyuan Festival? Why can't you go out on the night of Zhongyuan Festival?

Zhongyuan Festival is an important festival in China, but many people talk about ghost color change when they mention it. Why is Zhongyuan festival called ghost festival? In fact, Zhongyuan Festival is our commonly known Ghost Festival, on the 15th of July every year. There are more than ten days left for the festival. There are many taboos. You must know why it is called ghost festival?

What is Zhongyuan Festival?

Every year on the 15th of July in the lunar calendar, it is called "Yulan basin Festival", also known as "Zhongyuan Festival". In some places, it is commonly known as "Ghost Festival", "shigu", also known as "dead man day" and "July half". The time of ghost festival in 2014 is August 10, Sunday, July 15 of the lunar calendar.

According to ancient books, the Daoist Scriptures take the 15th day of the first month as the upper yuan, the 15th day of July as the central yuan, and the 15th day of October as the lower yuan. 'on the 15th day of the first month, the Han nationality is called Shangyuan Festival, which is to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which has existed since ancient times; on the 15th day of the seventh month, the Han nationality is called Zhongyuan Festival, which sacrifices to ancestors; on the 15th day of the tenth month, the Han nationality is called Xiayuan Festival, which is to eat cold food to commemorate the sages.

Zhongyuan Festival and new year's Eve, Qingming Festival, Chongyang Festival (except, Qing, nine) are the four major festivals of ancestor worship in Chinese traditional festivals. In daozang, on the day of the middle and Yuan Dynasties, the local officials searched and selected all the people, who were good and evil & hellip; & hellip; to recite the Sutra day and night, ten great saints, and chant the spiritual texts together. Prisoner hungry ghost, then freed '. Most of the people miss their relatives and send their best wishes for the future.

There are many legends about the mid Yuan Festival. The most important thing about Taoism is that on the first day of the middle of July, the local officials descended and determined the good and evil in the world. The Taoists chanted sutras at night, and the hungry prisoners were also freed. 'on the first day of the seventh lunar month, the king of hell opens the gate of ghosts and releases a group of ghosts who are not worshipped to the sun to enjoy the sacrifice. On the last day of July, before the ghost gate was closed again, these ghosts had to return to the underworld.

According to the traditional saying, "if you don't go home in Nian Dou, you will have no wife, and if you don't go home in July, you will have no ancestor". This shows that July is the first important activity of ancestor worship, otherwise you will be laughed as "no ancestor". Overseas Chinese usually make a monthly order not to post their letters, but they must do so in the four periods of Qingming, Zhongyuan, Dongzhi and niandou, or they will be regarded as disrespectful to their ancestors, unfilial to their elders and irresponsible to their wives. This shows the importance of ancestor worship in Zhongyuan Festival.

The taboo of Zhongyuan Festival

The seventh month of the lunar calendar is commonly known as "ghost month". Ghost day is the day with the most Yin Qi. It's also a special day. Come and see if you can't offend it. Ghost Festival taboo: avoid bringing red rope, bells, wind bells and other ghosts, try to avoid going out. If you encounter such miraculous events as ghost pressure, ghost hitting wall, don't panic, concentrate all your attention and open your eyes.

1、 Wind chimes are hung at the head of the bed. Wind chimes are easy to attract good brothers, while sleeping is the most vulnerable time to be 'invaded'.

2、 Night tour. Don't swim at night, or you will only ask for trouble.

3、 Burn dead paper for no specific occasion. Ming paper is burned to good brothers, gold paper is burned to God, the result of burning Ming paper will only attract more good brothers.

4、 Stealing sacrifices. These are good brother's food. If they use it without their consent, they will only bring their own hard luck.

5、 Drying clothes at night. When a good brother thinks your clothes look good, he will borrow them and leave his taste on them.

6、 Call your name. Don't call out your name when you travel at night. Try to match it with the code to avoid being remembered by a good brother.

7、 Swimming. Do not swim in dangerous waters. It is said that "Water Ghost" will find someone to be the ghost of death, so as to have a baby.

8、 Look around. Good brothers like to hide and frighten people. In case they are scared to look around, it's the best time for them to invade you.

9、 The banyan tree is at the door of the house. Because banyan is the plant of gathering Yin, and also the favorite of good brothers, unless you want good brothers to come home and sit.

10、 Stay up late. The most popular time is in the late night, the most ghost gas is also in the late night, staying up late is easy to cause discouraged invasion.

11、 Against the wall. Good brothers usually like to rest on the cold wall, which is easy to cause ghosts.

12、 Pick up the money on the side of the road. The money is used to buy cattle's noodles. If they violate their things, they can easily teach them a lesson.

13、 Look back easily. When walking in the wild or sparsely populated areas, I feel like someone is calling you. Don't turn around easily. It may be a good brother.

14、 Don't hook up anywhere. A man has three fires on his body, one on his head, one on his left and one on his right shoulders. If one of them is extinguished, he will be easily 'carried' by a good brother.

15、 The slippers face the bed. Good brothers will look at the direction of the toe to determine where the stranger is. If the toe is placed towards the head of the bed, then good brothers will go to bed with you.

16、 Chopsticks are in the middle of the meal. This is the mode of worship, just like incense in the censer, which will only attract good brothers to share food with you & hellip;

17、 One person. It is true that a man is easy to be coveted by a good brother.

18、 Take photos at night. It's easy to bring in friends from the spirit world and take them home.

19、 Play dish fairy. It's easy to happen when playing dish fairy at ordinary times, let alone during this ghost festival.

20、 Slippers are neatly placed by the bed. When traveling outside, slippers are placed neatly beside the bed, which will arouse the curiosity of spiritual friends and cause them to make trouble in the bed.