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What's the most expensive and convenient hot pot in history? Eating convenience hot pot is subject t

Hot pot is one of the traditional specialties popular in China. Everyone must have eaten the traditional hot pot, but what about the convenience hot pot? Even if they haven't eaten it, they have heard that the convenience hot pot was very popular before. Recently, the most expensive convenience hot pot was born abroad. It is said that a tourist was charged 7500 yuan for eating the self heating hot pot abroad?

Our common hot pot is a kind of cooking method that uses the pot as an instrument, uses the heat source to cook the pot, and uses the water or soup to boil. But the convenient hot pot is different. What's the convenience? It's a kind of hot pot that only needs to pour in cold water for a moment, and then you can enjoy a hot meal. Its bottom heating bag will be heated by water. It's called the convenient hot pot, which is also called the instant hot pot. You can carry it with you and bring it abroad Can also eat hot pot.

The convenient hot pot is charged 7500 yuan to many Chinese students and tourists. When they go abroad to study or travel, their friends who like to eat hot pot don't forget to bring the convenient hot pot with them, so they can eat it when they go abroad. But the most expensive convenient hot pot in history can arouse your attention, so you should be careful. Why is it the most expensive in history? Let's know. In foreign countries Is it true that 7500 yuan is charged for eating hot pot?

A small video in the circle of friends attracted the attention of the Chinese people. It happened in a hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. Because of the accident caused by the convenience hot pot, a Chinese tourist ate the self heating hot pot in the hotel room, but did not expect to cause the fire alarm of the hotel. When the fire truck arrived and the fire protection team arrived at the room, they found that only one tourist was eating the hot pot. But the tragedy came. The tourist was fined 950 euros, about 7500 yuan, which is the most expensive and convenient hotpot in history. It seems that friends who want to study abroad or travel in the future should be careful not to let the most expensive hotpot incident happen again, and the fire and police in foreign countries should be charged!