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How to do with long hair perm? What's the harm of playing mobile phone for a long time?

Nowadays, smart phones have become more and more popular. When you use smart phones, do you often encounter the situation of mobile phone burning? Then what should we do about mobile phone burning? Do not play with mobile phones for a long time, or it will be bad for your body and mobile phones.

According to the international safety standards, the maximum surface temperature of the hand-held device should not exceed 48 ℃. If it overheats, there may be safety problems such as scalding, battery damage, etc. But according to netizens' tests, the surface temperature of smartphones with high-performance processors is likely to exceed 50 ℃. For example, Samsung's S4 has measured a maximum temperature of 54.8 ℃.

The cause of mobile phone fever

In addition to the weather and environmental factors, there are six main reasons for the fever of mobile phones, to see if your usage habits have been shot:

1. Running high energy consuming apps

For example, playing 3D games, playing videos, transmitting a large amount of data, etc., causes the CPU to run continuously with high load.

2. Play games or talk while charging

Cell phone battery input and output at the same time, which will not only double the power consumption, but also may cause damage to the battery performance. It is best to avoid this behavior.

3. Use poor lithium battery or poor quality fake machine

It's not a problem for iPhone users, as long as you don't buy the iPhone & hellip, which can change batteries and dual cards and dual standby colorful running lights;

4. Mobile app failure

Sometimes the abnormal operation of some apps will occupy a lot of memory and make the CPU run at a high load.

5. Protective shell and other coverings

Equipped with some protective shell may affect the heat dissipation of the mobile phone, resulting in the hot mobile phone.

6. Root installs incompatible plug-ins

After root, install some plug-ins that are started randomly and stay in the background or incompatible plug-ins, which may cause the phone to burn.

The harm of hot mobile phone

The fever of mobile phone may not only make you feel too hot to hold, but also cause burns on the left cheek of mobile phone for half an hour. It takes three or four days to wipe the medicine & hellip; will damage the battery, induce other risk factors, and cause additional harm.

According to the theory, when the temperature of lithium battery increases by 10 ℃, the chemical reaction speed will be doubled, which will accelerate the battery power consumption, which is the possible reason why the power consumption is faster in summer.

If the temperature is too high more than 45 ℃, the chemical balance in the lithium battery will be destroyed, which will lead to the adverse side reactions in the lithium battery and the products being stimulated to produce more thermal reactions, triggering more dangerous situations.

Although the current lithium polymer battery has elastic packaging to absorb the thermal expansion energy, with the expansion of the polymer packaging, it may squeeze into the circuit board and other parts, which is easy to cause short circuit or arc in the internal circuit of the mobile phone. Electric arc can produce a high temperature of more than 20000 ℃, which may ignite other polymer materials and soft packaging, causing the danger of cell phone burning.

How to solve the problem of phone perm

1. avoid playing games, watching movies or talking while charging;

2. Avoid keeping the phone close to the cheek during long-term conversation, and try to use earphone;

3. Close the unused background program;

4. In 'Settings' -' iTunes Store and app store ', turn off the auto download and auto update functions of APP;

5. Avoid using the protective shell with poor heat dissipation, or remove it when scalding;

6. Avoid using high energy consuming app programs for a long time;

7. If the mobile phone is hot, use the mobile phone cleaning software to clean the memory, which will effectively cool down;

8. Temporarily stop using when charging to prevent danger.

9. Hold it on your hand or put it in your pocket to heat each other. Try to put it on the other side with ventilation and heat dissipation. If there is air conditioner, let your mobile phone blow air conditioner together.

10. If not, turn off the phone temporarily and let the temperature of the phone return to normal before continuing to use.