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Can red and green color blindness test your driver's license? Weak color can test driving license

for those who want to test their driver's license, are they very curious that red green color blindness can test their driver's license? The current driver management measures in China have been prohibiting those who are red green color blind from obtaining their driver's license since 1996. But if the color is weak, you can get a license.

Nowadays, more and more people question whether people who are color blind should be deprived of the right to drive a motor vehicle all their lives. This issue can be specifically analyzed from the following aspects:

(1) There is a common misconception of the term "color blindness" in the society, including that there is a problem in the expression of the term "color blindness" by the law makers themselves, and they can't see any external scenery. Therefore, most people in the society understand that color blindness means that they can't see any external color and think that the world in the eyes of color blindness is equivalent to watching black-and-white TV sets or black-and-white photos.

But in fact, color blindness doesn't mean that no color can be seen. Modern medicine has proved that the so-called color blindness is actually caused by the fact that nerve cells don't feel light waves of a specific wavelength, which makes the perception of a certain color different from that of normal people

The world in the eyes of the color blind is still the world of color

Developed countries have abandoned the term "color blindness" and adopted the color vision abnormality instead of the term "color blindness" in the current national college entrance examination physical examination standard of China, which has not used the term "color blindness" and adopted the color vision abnormality, which reflects the scientific principle that the makers of driver laws and regulations have been restricted by the traditional concept of color blindness, so as to avoid the irrationality of the physical examination standard.

The requirements for color blindness in the regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license are: (2) physical conditions: 3. Color discrimination: no red and green color blindness. As long as you are not red green color blind, there must be no problem. Note: a weak red and green color can be used for driving test.