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What do you need to prepare for kindergarten physical examination? What are the physical examination

As a rule, new children need to have physical examination in kindergarten, but many parents have no idea how to do physical examination in kindergarten. What kind of Oriental New do you need to prepare for the physical examination? Let's get to know.

1、 Physical examination in kindergarten

Physical examination in kindergarten is mainly to help understand the growth and development of children, provide basis for kindergarten health care, and timely find anemia, abnormal vision, rotten teeth, rickets, malnutrition, height and weight, external genital problems and a variety of infectious diseases.

2、 Physical examination in the park

Physical examination in kindergarten includes the inquiry of previous medical history, the examination of weight, height, skin, facial features, heart, liver, spleen, lung and external genitalia, as well as the examination of hemoglobin (check anemia) and liver function. The previous immunological examination of hepatitis B is not included in the physical examination items for enrollment (school) and does not need to be examined. If parents feel it is necessary or want to know the injection effect of hepatitis B vaccine, they can propose it to doctors. If your child is picky about eating and anorexia, you can also do a trace element test at the same time.

3、 Instructions for physical examination

1. Generally speaking, the results of physical examination will not be taken as the basis for admission. However, for children with serious cardiopulmonary and renal diseases and infectious diseases, it will be required to be suitable for children's activities after treatment. Children who have not completed the planned immunization before must also be vaccinated as soon as possible.

2. When a child in a kindergarten (institution) is found to be suffering from a suspected infectious disease, the kindergarten (institution) shall promptly notify its guardian to leave the kindergarten (institution) for diagnosis and treatment; after the child suffering from the infectious disease is cured, the kindergarten (institution) can enter the kindergarten (Institution) only with the health certificate issued by the medical and health institution.

3. 3 months away from the park, you must pass the physical examination before entering the park. Before children enter the kindergarten, they should go through the health examination of the medical and health institutions, and they can only enter the kindergarten after passing the examination. The measures for the administration of health care in kindergartens and kindergartens, which will come into effect on November 1 this year, clearly stipulates that children who leave the kindergartens for more than three months should have a health examination before entering the kindergartens again.

4. When entering the kindergarten for physical examination, children's liver function test should be fasting.

4、 Warm tips for physical examination in the park

1. In order to ensure the freshness of the examination results, it is suggested to have a physical examination in the park within 1 month before the application for admission, which may need to be retested as early as possible.

2. Some children may have some tests in July and August because of their illness, so parents would like to avoid entering the park for physical examination. However, due to the different items of the tests, they may have to re test finally. It is recommended to consult the doctor.