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Who killed the water god? Princess Suihe is really fierce

Recently, the hot broadcast of "Honey sinking like frost" has attracted much attention. Some of the characters in the play are very popular. For example, the old man breaks his heart for the sake of Phoenixes and dolls. In every play, there are several unpleasant characters, which make everyone hate the role of itching teeth. It's like the 'mother and daughter' heartless queen in the play, and her younger generation Sui he, who deserves to be a family. In the latest scenario, Jin Mi's father, shuishen, and Fengshen are poisoned Hand, who is the real murderer?

In the latest plot, Suihe, the princess of the bird family, comes on the stage. Looking at Suihe's makeup, I know it's not a worry free role. Suihe is the leader of the bird family. Her aunt is today's Queen of heaven. And she wants to look after Suihe as her daughter-in-law, so she just wanders around beside Xufeng and tells her every move by the way.

Sui he has loved Xu Feng since he was a child. If he has nothing to do with it, he runs to Xu Feng's Wu palace. However, Xu Feng always ignores Sui he coldly. When Sui he knew that Jin Mi could control Xu Feng's feelings with a small elf, she became jealous and wanted to find a chance to get rid of Jin MI and let Xu Feng die. In the updated plot, Jinmi's life experience is revealed, and both the emperor and the God of water are thinking about who the child is. When the emperor later tests out that he is the child of the God of water, the emperor loses his expression! And the God of water is very happy when he learns that this is his daughter and the God of flowers!

Since the God of water knew that he had a daughter, he cared for Jinmi everywhere and loved it very much. He even gave most of his spiritual power to Jinmi. Unfortunately, it's really 'the good man doesn't live long'! Then, the God of water was killed. Jinmi, the newly recognized father, was killed before he could enjoy his father's love. This is no doubt a blow to Jinmi. From then on, the innocent and pure Jinmi will not exist.

Later, when Jinmi was at the wedding with Runyu, due to the appearance of Xufeng, Jinmi's meteorite was forced to spit out. Now Jinmi also knows who killed her father. It turned out to be the leader of the "chuchuchumoving" bird race, Suihe. Since then, Suihe's image in Xufeng has collapsed.