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What are the customs and taboos of Zhongyuan Festival? Don't go out in the evening of Zhongyuan Fest

Zhongyuan Festival, also known as' July Festival 'or' Yulan basin Festival ', is one of the three Ghost Festivals. So what are the customs and taboos of Zhongyuan Festival? Zhongyuan Festival is a Taoist saying. The name of Zhongyuan comes from the Northern Wei Dynasty. Some places are commonly known as "Ghost Festival", "shigu", also known as "dead man festival". Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year's day. Some knowledge must be known.

How to celebrate the Zhongyuan Festival?

Then in the Tang Dynasty, the emperor of Zhongyuan festival will also issue a royal edict. Within three days, the people in various prefectures are forbidden to kill, fish and hunt. The people who believe in Taoism will also be vegetarian on this day. They hope that with these merits and virtues, they can return to their ancestors, hoping that they can be superior.

Then on the day of the Buddhist Yulan basin Festival, the believers will offer all kinds of delicious food to all the Buddhas, great virtues and monks, hoping that they can transcend all the suffering of the three evils.

From the beginning of emperor Liang Wu in the northern and Southern Dynasties, all the emperors and subjects of all dynasties will provide Buddhist aid to all the living beings on this day. There will also be many rituals in the folk Zhongyuan Festival. Every family will prepare rich offerings, such as all kinds of vegetables, all kinds of paper clothes and treasures, to burn and sacrifice to ancestors. There are also various activities such as cloth fields and water lanterns, which are used to sacrifice their ancestors.

The taboo of Zhongyuan Festival

1. Wind bells on the head of the bed

Wind chimes are easy to attract ghosts, while sleeping is the most vulnerable time to be 'invaded'.

2, night tour

Don't swim at night, or you will only ask for trouble.

3. Non special occasion burning paper

Dead paper is burned to ghosts, gold paper is burned to gods, the result of burning dead paper will only attract more ghosts.

4. Stealing sacrifices

These are food belonging to ghosts. If they use it without their consent, it will only bring them unsolvable misfortunes.

5. Whistle

Whistling at night, beware ghosts like you

6. Call names

Don't call out your name when you travel at night. Try to match it with the code to avoid being remembered by the ghost.

7. Swimming

At this time, the ghost will play the game of ghost lifting feet with you. If you are not careful, your life will be carried away.

8, chaos

Ghosts like to hide and frighten people. In case they are scared, it's the best time for them to invade you.

9. The banyan tree is at the door

Because banyan is the plant of gathering Yin, and also the favorite of ghosts, unless you want a good brother to come home.

10, stay up late

The most popular time is in the late night, the most ghost gas is also in the late night, by contrast, who will win.

11, against the wall

Ghosts usually like to rest on the cold wall, which is easy to cause ghosts.

12. Pick up the money on the side of the road

The money is used to buy cattle's noodles. If they violate their things, they can easily teach them a lesson.

13. Easy to turn around

When walking in the wilderness or in a sparsely populated area, I feel like "it's like" someone called you, don't turn around easily, it may be a ghost.

14. Don't hook up anywhere

There are three fires on a person's body, one on the top of his head, one on his left and one on his right shoulder. If one of them is extinguished, he will be easily killed by ghosts.

15. Slipper head to bed

The ghost will see the direction of the toe to determine where the stranger is. If the toe is placed towards the head of the bed, then the ghost will go to bed with you.

16. Chopsticks in the middle of the rice

This is the mode of worship, just like incense in the incense burner, which will only attract ghosts to share food with you.

17. One person

It's true that a person is easy to be coveted by ghosts.

18. Take photos at night

It's easy to bring in friends from the spirit world and take them home.

19. Playing dish Fairy

It's easy to happen when playing dish fairy at ordinary times, let alone during this ghost festival.

20. Slippers are neatly placed beside the bed

When traveling outside, slippers are placed neatly beside the bed, which will arouse the curiosity of spiritual friends and cause them to make trouble in the bed.

21. Do not hang clothes in the middle of the night

Wet clothes are easy to let free radio waves stick on them, not easy to escape. In the ghost month where ghosts are everywhere, hanging clothes in the middle of the night is like setting a trap to catch ghosts. Who does it bother you to find?

22. Don't wear your hair and go to sleep

Ghost month is full of wandering ghosts. If you are in a state of disheveled hair, be careful not to be mistaken for the same kind by them, and ask you to get up and chat.

23. Taboo in physiological period

It is believed that women's compatriots are not clean during their physiological period, and it is not suitable to watch such things as starting work and sacrifice, so as not to offend gods, lead to misfortune, or make the work unable to proceed smoothly.

No matter whether this statement is based or not, but female compatriots in physiological period will really cause their own magnetic field instability due to their physical condition, which is easily affected by other strong magnetic fields, so we should be more cautious.

24. Avoid celebrating in the middle of the night

People born in July are a bit pitiful. In the evening, there will be some unknown 'people' singing happy birthday songs together. It's better to celebrate in the daytime instead.

25. Avoid catching dragonflies and katydids

People think that these two kinds of insects are the incarnation of ghosts. They are caught at random and attracted by ghosts.

26. Avoid ghost words

On the day of universal crossing in Zhongyuan, ghosts almost came out of the house and were everywhere. Especially on the scene of universal crossing, it must be full of ghosts.

Therefore, in Zhongyuan universal crossing, it's best to be cautious about what you say and what you do. In addition to avoiding saying the word "ghost", don't talk indiscriminately, be careful that the ghost is around you!

27. Avoid trampling on the paper

Ghost paper is a sacrifice for ghosts. When burning, ghosts will gather nearby to grab it. If you trample and jump when burning ghost paper, it will not hinder their actions. When the ghosts are angry, it will be bad for you.