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What time can't you go out on ghost day? What are the three Ghost Festivals in China?

What time can't you go out at night? On this day, the older generation will tell you to go home early. Do you know why? What time can't you go out after Ghost Festival? Let's get to know.

What time can't I go out on ghost day at night

Usually after 6:30, that is after dark. It's better to go home before dark. It is generally believed that July 15 is the right day of Ghost Festival and the day when the ghost gate is open. At that time, it's the most cloudy. So it's better not to go out of the street that night, so as not to run into ghosts. In addition, it's better not to go to places such as the river or the sea, so as not to accidentally miss your feet and become a double for the water devil. In addition, it's better not to say anything unlucky or offend the spirit world, so as not to provoke the spirit.

Which are the three major Ghost Festivals in China

1. Qingming Festival

Qingming to go to the grave, at the same time, the custom of outing. In the past, Qingming Festival was also called cold food festival. It lasted for a hundred days. Cao Cao changed it to one day. Tang Dynasty changed it to three days before Qingming. All the fire had to be extinguished. After the cold food, new fire came out of the palace.

2. Zhongyuan Festival

Zhongyuan (July 15) was originally a day for people to worship their ancestors, and it was later designated as the underground palace Christmas. The underground palace was in charge of the gate of hell. On this day, the underground palace opened the gate of hell, and it was also the day when the hell opened. The deceased ancestors could come home for reunion. Therefore, it was the ghost festival. It was the most important one of the three major Ghost Festivals in China. There was a Daochang, which put steamed bread for the ghosts to eat. On this day, the ancestors would be sacrificed, graves would be visited, and lights would be lit for the dead to go home Road. The Taoist temple held a grand ceremony to pray for blessings and auspiciousness. The Buddhist day is the day of the Yulan basin meeting, which is also about the transcendence of the dead. The original intention of Yulan is to liberate and hang upside down. It comes from the story of Mulian saving his mother.

3. Hanyi Festival

Every year on the first day of October in the lunar calendar, it is called "October Dynasty", also known as "ancestor worship Festival". For the winter clothing festival. It's also called the festival of the dead. On this day, we pay special attention to offering sacrifices to those who died first. It's called sending cold clothes. With the spring Qingming Festival, the autumn Zhongyuan Festival, and known as the three major 'Ghost Festival' of the year. In order to avoid the cold and cold in the hell, on this day, people will burn five color paper, send them clothes to keep warm, and send warmth to the ghosts. On the first day of October, burning cold clothes is the memory of the past and the compassion of the living for the dead. At the same time, this day also marks the arrival of severe winter, so it is also a day for parents and lovers to send warm clothes to the people they care about.