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Fishbone stuck in the throat! No, I have tips

Many people have the same experience when they eat fish, that is, the problem of the fish bone stuck in their throat. Although it's not a big problem, it's also worth vigilance. How should we deal with the fishbone sticking in the throat? Rice balls swallowed? Drink a lot of water? Finger digging? Take a swig of vinegar?

These are not the most correct ways to deal with it. How to deal with this situation in our daily life? Here are some tips to share. Don't be afraid, fishbone stuck in the throat.

First, find out how the fishbone gets stuck in the throat, and find out the size and position of the fishbone. If there is a fishbone stuck in the oropharynx, and the fishbone is not big. 1. You can try to cough the fishbone off with the air flow. 2. You can find an orange,

Then peel a piece of orange skin, remember that the orange skin should be a little narrower, and then slowly swallow it with a picture, so that the fishbone can be dissolved and softened. It can also be softened with vitamin C and vinegar. 3. You can try to look in the mirror or

With the help of relatives and friends, look for fish bones at the root of tongue, tonsil and pharyngeal wall, and then deal with them.

However, the above methods are not effective, and the fishbone is very big and hard, the tingling feeling is intense, the neck and chest tingling is obvious, so we need to go to the hospital to see a doctor. At this time, the fishbone may not be stuck in the oropharynx, but in the throat. This part cannot be seen or self-contained

Deal with it, then we need to go to the hospital to deal with it.

Many folk partisans should be treated with caution. Vinegar drinking method can not soften the fishbone. The vinegar is downflow, too acidic, only stay in the injured area for a short time, with limited effect, and to a certain extent, it will stimulate the stomach and intestines. Eating and drinking water are more dangerous under pressure

Next, push the fishbone from the throat to the trachea and then to the esophagus. During this period, it will not only cause scratches, but also make the fishbone deeper and deeper. If it breaks the blood vessel, it is very dangerous. Finger button digging may aggravate the damage of digestive tract. If the force is too strong, the muscle will contract

Causes the foreign body to become more tight. So the science tips are worth having.