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Why isn't the steak medium rare? How would you like your steak?

when it comes to Western food, you may immediately think of steak. How do you like your steak? The waiter in the western restaurant will also recommend you to order steak, so what's the best way to order steak? In fact, the knowledge of steak is also very big. If you don't know these common sense when you first date your girlfriend, will it be awkward then?

How do you like your steak? Is the steak medium rare?

1、 How do you like your steak?

When it comes to steak, there is no fixed answer. Different steaks have different choices.

1. Sirloin

Recommended heat: medium rare. Also known as sirloin steak, it refers to the beef with fresh and tender meat and tender ribs. It is basically from the tenderest beef around the back of the cattle. The specific location is different and the flavor is different. The more authentic sirloin is from the back of the loin, but the special breed, such as the new Yorker, is from the front of the loin, similar to Philip. Sirloin steak is tender, sweet and juicy, full of taste, which is preferred by entry-level steak experts.

2. Fillet

Recommended cooking time: three to seven minutes. Also known as tender beef fillet, tendererloin is derived from the inner muscles (i.e. the meat inside the waist) of cattle. It has less exercise, and the meat is the most tender and lean, with less grease. Because each cow has a small strip, it is' precious'. The taste is good but not chewed, and it looks old and astringent after cooking. Therefore, it is recommended to the elderly or children who have bad teeth and weak digestion.

How do you like your steak? Is the steak medium rare?

3. T bone steak

Recommended temperature: 5 to 8 minutes. It's the backbone meat on the back of the cattle. In the middle of the big steak, there's a T-shaped big bone. On one side, there's Philip, and on the other side, there's new Yorker. The meat is tender and rough, or full of oil or crisp. You can eat all of them.

4. Rib eye

Recommended heat: medium rare. Meat taken from the rib ridge of a cow, that is, from the edge of the bone. The rib eye steak may not be as tender as the waist and back meat, but the meat beside the bone is always delicious. The oil tender shredded meat is sandwiched with Q and strong oil tendons. It is more chewable than Sharon, and more delicious than Feili. Moreover, the oil flowers are very rich. It is liked by young male diners.

5. beef steak

Recommended temperature: well done. The ribs are from the left and right sides of the chest. Beef ribs with bone and tendon are plump, delicious, juicy and chewy, with marble grain, especially the fully cooked meat with the sixth and seventh ribs of cattle, tender but not astringent, rich in meat, which can be enjoyed by even the shy diners, creating an alternative charm of beef ribs.

6. Naked eye steak

Recommended temperature: 3 minutes. Lean meat and fat meat have both, this kind of meat fried and roasted taste more fragrant, do not fry too ripe when using, 3 mature is the best.

How do you like your steak? Is the steak medium rare?

2、 How to distinguish the ripeness of steak?

To know how well a steak is cooked, you also need to learn how to distinguish its raw maturity.

1. Near raw steak

Heat the front and back sides on a high-temperature iron plate for 30 to 60 seconds respectively to lock the temperature inside the steak, so that the taste of the external meat and the internal raw meat is poor, the external layer is easy to hang juice, the internal raw meat maintains the original meat taste, and the visual effect is not as difficult as eating raw meat.

2. Medium rare steak

The inside of the steak is blood red and keeps a certain temperature, and there are raw and cooked parts at the same time.

3. Medium rare steak

Most of the meat received heat penetration to the center, but there was no significant change. After cutting, the cooked meat on both sides of the upper and lower sides turned brown, turned pink to the center, and then the center was fresh meat color, accompanied by blood exudation.

4. Medium rare steak

The interior of the steak is pink and mixed with light grey and tan. The whole steak is very hot and balanced in temperature and taste.

5. Medium rare steak

The interior of the steak is mainly light gray brown, mixed with pink. The texture is thick and chewy.

6. Well done steak

The interior of the steak is brown, and the whole beef has been cooked, with thick taste.

It's more healthy to eat a bit of cooked steak, which mainly depends on the physical differences and eating habits between the East and the West. The main dish in the west is steak. If you get used to the steak with blood from the snack, your gastrointestinal digestion will be adapted to the steak in the third or even the first degree; however, due to the difference of eating habits in the East, you prefer the steak in the seventh or even the full degree. If Chinese people rarely eat steak, they should not choose the steak with blood, so as to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort, which is not conducive to health.