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What's wrong with the girl who is frostbite? Liquid nitrogen ice cream needs vigilance

What's the matter with the girl being frostbitten by ice cream? Have you ever eaten smoke ice cream? It tastes like ordinary ice cream, but when you eat it, there will be white smoke in your mouth and nose! This kind of ice cream looks cool and fun because of its fairy smell. But a child in Liuzhou, Guangxi, was frostbitten when he was eating it!

Five year old girl frostbitten by ice cream

On August 6, Ms. Huang, a citizen, bought a smoky ice cream for her 5-year-old daughter at a stall in yaobu ancient town, Liuzhou. Ms. Huang recalled that the clerk scooped some ice-cream balls into the paper bowl, then scooped some liquid into it, and then the ice-cream began to smoke.

All of a sudden, her daughter yelled "good ice, good ice". Ms. Huang saw that something like sand ice fell on her daughter. After a while, her daughter cried out for pain. Ms. Huang found a blister in her abdomen. She took her daughter to find a business. The seller replied that the liquid nitrogen in the ice cream is - 196 ℃, which may be too cold, causing the child frostbite.

Ms. Huang took her daughter to the hospital. The diagnosis was that her skin was frostbitten, leaving scars.

Businesses do experiments to prove that liquid nitrogen doesn't hurt people

The reporter came to the stall and found that the business was very hot. The reporter bought an ice-cream ball, didn't see the liquid in the paper bowl, but could feel very cold.

Later, the clerk took a pot of liquid nitrogen they used for the test. At the height of about four or five centimeters from the mouth of the pot to the arm, he quickly poured the liquid nitrogen in the pot onto the clerk's arm. The liquid vaporized when it met the skin, and there was no sign of frostbite on the skin.

Why is there nothing wrong with the clerk, but the child is frostbitten?

Yi Yi, Ph.D., from the College of Biochemistry, Guangxi University of science and technology, told reporters that liquid nitrogen volatilizes very quickly at normal temperature and pressure. In this way, liquid nitrogen actually exchanges heat with the surrounding air rather than absorbing the heat on the employee's arm, so it will not cause damage.

According to Ms. Huang, her daughter has been holding a paper bowl filled with liquid nitrogen for a long time, and that part has not been exposed to the air, so frostbite is not an accident.

More than ten million eyes on "netred" products

Liu, a doctor from Beijing Emergency Center, said that the "smoking ice cream" which has become popular recently is made by finding a metal container, pouring milk, cream, sugar and seasoning into it, and then adding liquid nitrogen one by one to stir constantly. "The principle is to use food grade liquid nitrogen for refrigeration, ice cream is soaked in liquid nitrogen, and smoke comes out when contacting with the mouth. This is a very simple physics Phenomenon. "Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of nearly minus 200 degrees Celsius, but the atomization is very fast, and the atomized liquid nitrogen will form a protective layer around the skin without injury.

But Doctor Liu reminded that some businesses use smoking as a gimmick to trick children into buying and eating frequently. Although there is no toxic side effect, eating a large amount of ice cream is also a kind of stimulation to the stomach and intestines. And 'this kind of liquid helium ice cream has been found to have oral injury after children eat', so when parents buy it, they'd better see the ingredients of food and drink clearly, and consider the safety factor when they eat it.

It's not uncommon for 'online red products' to cause harm to children. I hope that parents should pay more attention when buying for children!