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Why can summer honey crystallize? How does honey crystallize do?

Honey is a kind of nutriment with great health value. What about honey crystallization? Honey has two characteristics: low temperature crystallization and high temperature foaming. So, does honey crystallize in summer? Why does summer see the crystal stratification of honey?

Will honey crystallize in summer?

The crystallization of honey can also be seen in summer.

Honey crystallization is related to many factors, such as the relationship between honey varieties, the chemical composition of honey (glucose content), environmental temperature, etc., some honey varieties will also crystallize in summer, such as rape honey or sweet potato honey (snow lotus honey), some honey varieties are not easy to crystallize, even in winter, they will not crystallize, such as the locust honey we are familiar with.

Honey generally starts to crystallize when the ambient temperature is lower than 15 ℃, but the speed is relatively slow, it will not be like water freezing overnight, it will take days or even tens of days to crystallize. On the contrary, it's the same with honey crystal melting. When the temperature of honey crystal is more than 30 degrees, it will melt slowly, slower than crystallization. But if we don't heat it artificially, honey crystal is difficult to melt under the temperature of environment. This is the reason why honey crystal does not melt in summer, so we can see the crystal stratification phenomenon of honey in summer.

There are generally two kinds of honey stratification in summer: one is honey crystallization, but it is not fully crystallized, so it is divided into upper and lower layers, which does not affect the consumption; the second is that with the temperature rising, the previously crystallized honey begins to melt a little bit, divided into upper and lower layers, the lower layer of the upper liquid is solid, one layer is crystallized and the other is not crystallized.

How many degrees of crystallization is honey below?

Generally, when the ambient temperature of honey is lower than 15 ℃, crystallization begins to appear, when the ambient temperature is higher than 27 ℃, crystallization stops, and the crystalline honey begins to melt when the ambient temperature is higher than 40 ℃.

The principle of honey low temperature crystallization honey crystallization is a common problem in the process of eating honey. With the extension of time and the change of temperature, honey will change from liquid state to crystal state, and the color will change from dark to light. This kind of change of honey often causes some people's misunderstanding that it is because honey is mixed with white sugar. In fact, this is the natural change of honey, not the result of sugar.

Honey is a kind of supersaturated solution of glucose and fructose which contains many nutrients. Because glucose is easy to crystallize. Therefore, the separated honey, in a lower temperature, placed for a period of time, glucose will gradually crystallize.

Honey crystallization is a physical phenomenon of honey. Its chemical composition and nutritional value have not changed, and will not affect the quality of honey. The crystal of honey is glucose, not sugar mixed in honey, and crystallization does not affect the quality of honey. It's just that it's more troublesome to eat. If you want honey to melt faster, you can use heating method to make it liquid. However, pay attention to that the heating temperature should not be too high, which is most suitable at about 50 ℃.