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What happened to the high-speed rail man? Netizens are filled with indignation

What's the matter with the man who dominates the high-speed rail? As a social person, it's everyone's duty to abide by the social rules when going out. But on August 21, a male passenger refused to take the seat in the high-speed rail from Jinan to Beijing, but grabbed the seat of the female passenger. The conductor and the police failed to persuade him. Let's see what's going on?

After the video was sent to the Internet, netizens denounced it. In response, Jinan Railway Bureau customer service said that forcibly occupying other passengers' seats was a disturbance of public order, and the police could take compulsory measures against it. At present, Jinan Railway Public Security Bureau said that the final results will also be released in time after the investigation.


The refusal to take the seat has aroused public anger, and the railway police have stepped in to investigate

On the morning of August 21, a netizen posted that on the G334 train from Jinan Station to Beijing south station, a male passenger had occupied someone's window seat and was unwilling to return to his seat. When the woman passenger called the conductor, the man said he couldn't stand up. The conductor asked him if he was not feeling well or had drunk, and the other side replied: 'no drinking. 'the conductor asked:' why can't you stand up without drinking? 'the other side said:' I don't know. "He also said that he could not get off at the station and needed help from the steward to find a wheelchair. He refused to return to his seat and said that the female passengers should either stand, take his seat or go to the dining car.

The female passenger whose seat is occupied is a girl who just graduated from Jinan west railway station, while the male passenger's own seat is only one or two rows away from the seat. Finally, the conductor and the police failed to persuade the male passengers, and the female passengers were placed in the seats of the business car until the end.

The online video of the incident made many netizens angry at the behavior of male passengers, and all called on the railway department to blacklist them and restrict them from taking trains. In addition, in the video of the incident, the appearance of the male passenger is clearly discernible, and the ticket information is also faint. Some netizens use this as a clue to carry out the human flesh, and find their personal names, year of birth, native place, micro signal, mobile phone number, Alipay account and other personal information.

On the morning of the 22nd, many netizens tried to add the wechat of the male passenger concerned, accusing him in the verification information, but due to 'too frequent operation', his wechat could not be added. The Beijing Youth Daily has called the male passenger many times, but no reply has been received as of the publication.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, the reporter called Jinan Railway Public Security Bureau and received a response saying that the matter is currently under investigation, and if there is any investigation result, it will be released in time.


It is invalid to occupy other people's seats. The police can take compulsory measures

On the afternoon of the 22nd, the reporter called the customer service of Jinan Railway Bureau as a passenger. The customer service personnel said that forcibly occupying the seat was an act of disturbing public order. In this regard, the Railway Bureau has corresponding measures and punishment system. The train will be equipped with trainman and police. If someone forcibly occupies a seat and refuses to let it, they will first persuade the party concerned. If the persuasion fails, the police will take compulsory measures against the person occupying the seat to protect the rights and interests of the passengers. "But we didn't see the situation of the train G334 on the 21st, and we don't know what the specific situation is. "The customer service staff also said that there will be relevant rules and regulations to punish the passengers who forcibly occupy their seats. "If a passenger is forced to take a seat on the train, he can go to the conductor or the police to deal with it.".

As for the uncivilized passenger behaviors that disturb the public order, the customer service personnel of China Railway Administration said that they would punish the passengers concerned according to the measures for the administration of railway passenger credit.

Dispel doubts

Refusing to correct after forcibly occupying seats can be applied to railway blacklist

According to the reporter's inquiry, the "railway passenger credit record management measures (Trial)" formulated by China Railway Corporation, namely the "railway blacklist system", has been implemented since January 2017. According to the measures, after seven behaviors are disposed according to relevant regulations, the railway department will also record the personal identity information of the party concerned, which will be included in the management of railway passenger credit information record. Once it takes effect, it will be restricted to take the train.

According to the measures, the following seven behaviors may be included in the blacklist of Railway: disturbing the transportation order of railway stations and vehicles, endangering the safety of railway, causing serious social adverse effects, smoking on EMU trains or in non-smoking areas of other trains, reselling tickets, making and selling fake tickets, illegally using preferential (waiting) identity documents, using forged and invalid preferential (waiting) identity documents to purchase tickets Take a bus, take a bus with forged, expired or invalid ticket or make up the ticket by reporting the loss, take a bus without ticket, cross the station (seat) and refuse to make up the ticket, which shall be subject to administrative punishment according to relevant laws and regulations.

Reporters found that the seven behaviors listed in the measures did not include seat occupation. In response, the customer service personnel of China Railway Corporation said that the provisions in the measures could not be comprehensive, but forcibly occupying seats was an act of disturbing public order, and the measures should be applied for punishment.


The combination of on-the-spot punishment and after the event punishment should be adopted to deal with the uncivilized high-speed rail riding

Chen Yanyan, deputy dean of the school of urban transportation of Beijing University of technology, said that every passenger has the corresponding legal rights and interests after buying the ticket, and the male passenger's seat occupying behavior has violated the legitimate rights and interests of other passengers, and the forced measures should be taken against him after persuasion. "If it is difficult to control the situation at the scene, it needs to be assisted by means of extension, such as pulling it into the blacklist and controlling it to take the train, just like dealing with the & lsquo; Laolai & rsquo;.".

Chen Yanyan said that it is necessary to establish a comprehensive security system, including on-site punishment and social credit system, to control uncivilized driving behaviors. "The current credit system is still being improved, such as personal credit information sharing, which is applied to various fields.". And individuals also need to abide by the laws and regulations, and have basic social morality. Personal behavior is likely to cause adverse effects in the network society, which is not good for themselves and others. Do not regard it as a small thing, which also needs social education.