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Can children use electric toothbrush? How old can children use electric toothbrush?

can children use electric toothbrush? Electric toothbrush is a popular toothbrush now. We do it every day. So for children, can we use electric toothbrush? Is it harmful to use it too early? Let's learn about this common sense together with small compilation of

1. Can children use electric toothbrush

It is recommended not to use electric toothbrush for children too early.

The electric toothbrush can't control its own power because of its fast rotation. The strength of children's arms is small. If they use it carelessly, they will hurt their gums and teeth. It's not safe to use it as a regular toothbrush.

2. What is the harm of early use

Electric toothbrush has a fixed frequency and strength. If not mastered well, it will damage teeth and gums, cause gum redness, bleeding and other symptoms, and teeth will be worn. In the long run, it is easy to cause periodontitis, which is very harmful to the development of children's teeth.

3. How old can I use an electric toothbrush

You can use electric toothbrush after you are seven years old.

Through the guidance and correction of parents, seven year old children have been able to master the correct way to brush their teeth, and can also hold the handle of the electric toothbrush firmly, so as not to hurt their teeth.

4. How to choose children's electric toothbrush

1. The brush head is slightly small. Children's mouth is smaller, and the brush head of the selected toothbrush should also be small, with a length of 2cm and a width inside the brush head as the best.

2. Choose a soft bristle toothbrush. The softer the bristle of the toothbrush, the smaller the abrasion on the oral cavity. It is better to choose a soft bristle brush that has been treated, which can clean the teeth and protect the oral cavity.

5. The right way for children

Children are not born to brush their teeth, so parents must pay attention to teach their children to brush their teeth skills and train them to master the correct brushing methods as soon as possible. The method of vertical brush or rotary brush can be used. When brushing, brush the upper teeth first, then the lower teeth, and brush the front teeth first, then the back teeth in sequence. Each tooth surface should be brushed about 10 times, each time for 2 minutes, one time in the morning and one time after dinner.