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How many months can pregnant women eat bird's nest? Is it good for the fetus for pregnant women to e

is bird's nest good for pregnant women? Bird's nest is literally the bird's nest of swallows. It's really a pure natural food. In fact, it's a kind of saliva secreted by swallows. So many people are curious. Can pregnant women eat bird's nest? Is it good for pregnant women to eat bird's nest?

When do pregnant women eat bird's nest

Of course, it's the best for pregnant women to eat bird's nest in the whole process, but for the sake of economy, it's the best to eat bird's nest in the next 5 months, 3 grams at a time, once every other day. It's the best time to get up in the morning and eat on an empty stomach at night. Bird's nest has the effect of nourishing and settling the fetus. Eating bird's nest before and after pregnancy can enhance the immunity of mother and baby, moisten the skin of mother and baby, and help the growth of baby's intelligence. Pregnant women eat bird's nest before giving birth, not only can make their mother strong, but also can make the future newborn stronger, whiter, more beautiful, less likely to get sick and more resistant. In addition, it's good for mother's health and skin. It's just that one person can eat it and two people can supplement it. Generally, we recommend white swallow.

Can I choose the one that is not clean? It's too small. It doesn't matter if we eat it. For example, when we eat chicken and duck, there are some that are not clean. It's ok if we eat them.

It's better to pick up the small hairs before eating. Generally, after the bird's nest is opened, tear it with your hand to make a trace, and some small hairs will come out. If you can't come out, pick them with the pick tweezers.

At present, the only way to get rid of bird's nest hair is this way or the only way is to extract it after drying, but it's not so good

How to get rid of bird's nest

1. First, soak the hair of the petrel in water for 4-5 hours.

2. Then, pull out those filaments in the water and swing them in the water, so that a lot of impurities and fine hairs will come out.

3. Then, take it out of the water, put it in a fresh-keeping box, cover it, and simmer for 3 hours, so that the whole bird's nest will be soft

4. Prepare two more bowls, one for water, one for no water, and the bird's nest for hair removal. This is a lot easier. Remove the big hair, put the fine hair in the water for a little washing, and many fine hairs will come out. It's soft and easy to remove hair. Now you can start to remove hair.

5. Put the fluffy bird's nest in the waterless bowl.

6. After going, pour water into the bird's nest bowl, grab the bird's nest with your hand, and remove many fine hairs. 7. Do the final treatment on the fine hair. After treatment, you can stew and eat it.