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How to stew bird's nest best? What are the precautions for stewing bird's nest?

Since ancient times, bird's nest is the best food for women to nourish and nourish their beauty, and also the favorite food of the imperial concubines in ancient times. How to stew bird's nest at home? What are the precautions for stewing bird's nest?

Practice of bird's nest (traditional bird's Nest):

1. Choose a good swallow cup;

2. Take a bowl, add water and put in the swallow cup. After blistering, take it out;

3. Remove the fine hairs and impurities from the bird's nest with tweezers and rinse it with water several times;

4. Tear the clean bird's nest into strips and try not to break it;

5. Add water to the pot outside the stew pot, and add bird's nest and purified water to the inner pot;

6. Add water to the large pot, put the stew pot into the large pot, bring to a boil over high heat, adjust to reduce the heat and simmer slowly, about 40-45 minutes;

7. Pour the stewed bird's nest into the bowl, add the ice sugar water, coconut juice, milk, fruit, etc. according to personal taste preference, and then serve.

Practice of bird's nest (i.e. stewing pure bird's Nest):

1. Take one portion to stew the pure bird's nest, tear up the sealing film, and pour the bird's nest into the liner;

2. Add cold purified water in the proportion of 1:40 (for example: add 40ml for 1g bird's nest, and 120ml for 3G);

3. Add 600ml tap water to the outer pot, put the inner liner into the outer pot, plug the special pot plug, and then bring it to a boil over a large fire of 1000W in the electromagnetic furnace, then bring it to a simmer of 700-800w for 15-20 minutes;

4. Pour the bird's nest in the liner into the tableware, add the sugar and fruit according to the personal taste, and then enjoy.

How long will the bird's nest be stewed?

From the above process, you can find the answer to how long the bird's nest is stewed:

1. The traditional stewing method of swallows: About 40-45 minutes (without calculating the time of hair soaking and hair picking cleaning, about 4-5 hours after counting the two steps);

2. That is to say, the patented bird's nest stew tool for stewing pure bird's Nest: about 20 minutes (5 minutes for boiling water, 15 minutes for stewing after boiling water).

Seven points for attention in stewing bird's nest

(1) Foam the bird's nest with cold water, not hot water

(2) The best way to stew bird's nest is to separate water. It is not suitable to use pot, boil and other methods to prevent the loss of nutrients.

(3) If you want to eat sweet bird's nest, you'd better match it with ice sugar instead of white sugar and brown sugar.

(4) Bird 's nest to pick hair, pick hair should pay attention not to damage the yantiao, stewed yantiao out of taste will be better.

(5) The bird's nest should be stewed in pure soup. The best combination is chicken soup and mushroom soup, coconut juice, almond juice and ice sugar water.

(6) Bird's nest is suitable for both salty and sweet, but from all aspects, sweets are better. Usually the same amount of dry bird's nest as sweet food is about 1 / 3 more than as salty food.

(7) Stewed bird's nest can be refrigerated for one week. The dry bird's nest without stewing is also suitable to be refrigerated to prevent oxidation and discoloration in the air (if some bird's nests are moldy under normal temperature, it means that they have been sprayed with water).