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Schedule of China's women's volleyball match in 2018 yadaga Asian Games schedule of women's volleyba

The 2018 Asian Games has already opened. This Asian Games is a competition for all the main players of China's women's volleyball team before the world championships. It can also be said that it is a preview of the world championships in September. Netizens are very looking forward to the women's volleyball. Let's go to understand the schedule of the women's volleyball competition in the Asian Games. For those who like volleyball, you can pay attention to it.

The specific schedule of the China Women's volleyball team match of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta is as follows:

August 19, 11:00 China vs Vietnam

17:00, August 21, China vs. Taipei, China

August 23 17:30 China vs Korea

August 25, 17:30 China vs. Kazakhstan

August 27 13:30 China VS India

Knockout schedule:

August 29th quarter finals

11:00 1A vs 4B

13:30 2A vs 3B

17:30 3A vs 2B

20:00 4A vs 1B

August 31 semi final

18:00 (Women) W(1A-4B)-W(3A-2B)

20:30 (Women) W(1B-4A)-W(3B-2A)

September 1st finals

Third place 11:00 (women) lm34-lm35

Championship 17:30 (women) wm34-wm35

As for the Asian Games of women's volleyball, it's no surprise that CCTV should have all the live broadcast of the games, but not all of them are arranged in CCTV 5, or they may be broadcast on CCTV 5 + channel, so please pay attention to them.

List of 14 Chinese women's volleyball players:

Main attack (4): Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Li Yingying;

Secondary attack (3): Yan Ni, Yuan Xinyue, Hu Mingyuan;

Reception (3): Zeng Chunlei, Gong Xiangyu, Yang Fangxu;

Second biography (2): Ding Xia, Diao Linyu;

Freeman (2): Lin Li, Wang Mengjie.