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What does it mean to spend the summer in 2018? What's the weather like after summer heat?

Do you know what heat treatment means? Heat treatment means termination. The arrival of heat treatment means the end of heat treatment. What are the characteristics of the weather after heat treatment?

what do you mean by summer heat?

To get rid of summer heat means to get rid of the heat.

Heat treatment is the 14th solar term among the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar. The solar energy reaches the Yellow longitude 150 DEG; around August 23 of the Gregorian calendar;.

The solar term means the autumn of meteorological significance, after which the temperature in the north of the Yangtze River in China gradually drops.

At this time, the sun is moving close to the star Regulus in Leo. At night, when watching the Big Dipper, the curved handle still points to "Shen" (southwest).

Characteristics of summer weather

Temperature drop

It is not enough to describe the solar term of summer heat only by the beginning of lower temperature. Low temperature is only one of the phenomena. The reasons behind this phenomenon are as follows: first, the direct point of the Sun continues to move southward and the solar radiation weakens; second, the subtropical high retreats southward by leaps and bounds, and the Mongolian cold high begins to be eager to try and show its strength.

Fresh autumn weather

Under its control, the sinking and dry cold air, which began to affect our country, first announced the end of the rainy season in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China, and took the lead in starting the best weather of the year -- cool autumn. During the summer, it is only the northeast and northwest regions that enter the autumn. However, when the cold air affects our country, if the air is dry, it often brings windy weather. If there is warm moisture flow in the atmosphere, it often forms a decent autumn rain. After every storm, especially after rain, people will feel more obvious cooling. Therefore, there is a saying: "an autumn rain (wind) and a cold". In the southern part of the north, there may be a large precipitation process. The temperature drops obviously, the temperature difference between day and night increases, and the sun is shining after rain. People are often not very adapted to the changes of heat and cold at the turn of summer and autumn. If they are not careful, they will easily cause respiratory tract, gastroenteritis, cold and other diseases.

Autumn tiger

Although the subtropical high, which dominates in summer, retreats to the south in great strides, it will never give up its dominant position and easily retreat to the sea of the Western Pacific Ocean. In the southern region it controls, people who have just felt a trace of autumn cool are often at the end of summer heat and feel the hot weather again, which is the real autumn tiger. For those areas that have just stepped out of the "three volts" (from July 20 to August 20 in 2006) and suffered from severe drought, if they continue to be under the control of subtropical high, they are likely to form continuous drought in summer and autumn, which will greatly advance the fire prevention period in autumn, so we need to be vigilant. It needs to be said that the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River often usher in a bright autumn and sunny spring after the end of the autumn tiger weather, but it will be after October. During this period, the general trend of rainstorm all over the country is weakened.

Thunderstorm activity

South China, southwest, West China.

Thunderstorm activity is not as active as summer, but there are still more Thunderstorm Activities in South China, southwest and West China. In South China, there are more thunderstorms than other places due to the active warm and humid air flow in low latitude, while in southwest and West China, there are more thunderstorms due to the edge of subtropical high and the role of mountains. In September, most of China began to enter the period of less rain, while the autumn rain in Western China was more. It is a special weather phenomenon in autumn in Western China. The scope of autumn rain in West China includes not only Weishui and Hanshui River basins, but also autumn rain in Sichuan, Guizhou, Eastern Yunnan, Western Hunan and Western Hubei. The year with early autumn rain can appear in late August. Sometimes, the earliest occurrence date can start in late August and end in late November. But the main rainfall period is in September and October. The main feature of 'autumn rain in West China' is that there are many rainy days, while the other feature is continuous drizzle, so although there are many rainy days, the rainfall is not very large, generally less than in summer, and the intensity is also weak.