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How many times does honey sink and burn like frost and brocade and Phoenix spiritual cultivation? Ji

The TV drama "fragrant honey sinks like frost" is on the air. In the latest plot, Jinmi and Xufeng have feelings in the world. The interaction between the two people is just too sweet. Last night, Jinmi and Fenghuang did spiritual cultivation, and the picture was not cut. Is it sweet to see it? How many times does Jinmi and Phoenix practice together?

when Xu Feng came to earth, Yue Lao led a red line to Jin MI and Xu Feng. They were destined to have a relationship in the world. However, when Runyu went to look for Yuelao huanhong rope, he was surprised to see the close interaction between Phoenix and Jinmi in the water mirror. Runyu can no longer sit here. In order not to let Jinmi be taken away by Phoenix, Runyu went down to protect Jinmi against the rules of heaven. Runyu is also deeply in love with Jinmi, and the interaction between Phoenix and Jinmi is sweet fried. Both brothers are so excellent. Xiaobian thinks that no matter who is Jinmi, it will be difficult to choose.

In fact, Runyu is still very distressing. The actor of Runyu revealed to the audience in the live broadcast. At this time, Runyu did not blacken. Runyu's life in Tianting has been suppressed by Tian Tian's suspicion. Seeing the first face of Runyu, she fell in love with her at first sight. For Runyu, Jinmi is one of the few beauties and happiness in life. Later, Runyu saw his mother, carp Jing, dead in front of him, and then he began to blacken and wanted to win the throne of the emperor of heaven, and punished Tian Tian for avenging his mother. In the later stage, for Phoenix, Jinmi was taken away by Phoenix. The three spiritual practices of Phoenix and Jinmi were witnessed by Runyu twice. It's no wonder that Runyu would frame Phoenix and lead Jinmi to kill Phoenix by himself.

Phoenix and Jinmi have three times of spiritual cultivation in the play. The first time is after Jinmi and Phoenix have feelings. At this time, both the Phoenix and Jinmi have no memory. They know each other and love each other. In order to save the Phoenix, Jinmi created a crack in the body of the meteorite pill. So in the mortal world, he not only took the initiative to express his love to the Phoenix, but also took off the veil and kissed the Phoenix. Later, Jin was poisoned by poison. Before he died, he practiced with the Phoenix. The scene of two people's spiritual cultivation was also witnessed by Runyu in the water mirror.

The second time, Phoenix and Jinmi went back to heaven. The night before Jinmi and Runyu were engaged, the sad Phoenix asked Jinmi to meet. Because the osmanthus brewed Phoenix is drunk after drinking Jinmi, it needs spiritual cultivation to pull Jinmi. Kami didn't know what the spiritual cultivation was. He thought that it could improve the spiritual strength just as Yuelao said. Seeing that Phoenix is so sad, Jinmi simply agrees to practice with Phoenix. After going back in the evening, Kam Mi still dreamed about it, and was seen by Runyu. The dream is blue, indicating the fact that it happened, so Runyu once again witnessed the whole process of their spiritual cultivation.

​ the third spiritual practice of Phoenix and Jinmi was after Xufeng became a devil. Because Phoenix itself was an immortal bird, it was killed by Jinmi and left a trace of soul. Later, Phoenix rose but fell into the devil kingdom because of love, life and hate. Jinmi now knows that the person he loves is Phoenix. When he comes to the devil kingdom to find Phoenix, Phoenix doesn't believe what Jinmi said. Later, Jinmi dies to stop Runyu and his brother from killing each other. Phoenix found Jinmi for five thousand years. After the reunion, the two people fell in love again. After spiritual cultivation, they gave birth to a child.

Poor Runyu always likes Jinmi, but Jinmi finally falls in love with Phoenix. Although Runyu finally became the emperor of heaven, he was still as lonely as he had been in those days, and he had been guarding Jinmi silently alone. ​​​​