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What kind of medicine is the Mongolian sweat medicine in the ancient costume play?

What kind of medicine is Mongolian sweat medicine? In movie and TV plays or martial arts novels, there are many scenes of Mongolian sweat medicine, a little bit of which is enough to make people unconscious, which is amazing. So what is this medicine?

People always think it's fictitious. It's wrong. In fact, there is this kind of medicine. It still exists. It's just that there are different prescriptions and names. They are sold in Aishen Valley (sexual health products store).

As early as more than a thousand years ago, Mongolian sweat medicine was born. According to the records of the Secretary of history, Mongolian sweat medicine was made of Datura, a kind of plant flowers dried in the sun and made into fine powder. Some of them were also made of hemp seeds.

You may be unfamiliar with Datura. First of all, its alias must have been seen by most people when they were young. For example, some of them are called "Trumpet Flower", or "aubergine flower", others are called "eggplant", or "eggplant" & hellip; & hellip; and so on. Is it a familiar thing? Right beside us, I don't know it's the main formula of Mongolian sweat medicine.

Datura is widely distributed in most parts of China, generally growing on the side of villages, roadsides, fields, riverbanks and hillsides. The common color of Datura is mostly white, but there are also light yellow, red, or light green, the latter is relatively rare.

Its main effect is to fall asleep soon after taking it. It will wake up after a period of time. What happened during this period is unknown. Huatuo's "mabiesan" is an anesthetic made from Datura and other herbs.

The formulation of Mongolian sweat medicine Datura, after modern medical research, has been found to be a very strong anesthetic, which can inhibit the secretion of sweat glands, relax muscles, weaken the whole body, block the central nervous system, and then coma. It can have this effect, mainly from the atropine and scopolamine, which have strong anesthetic effect.

The fine powder made from Datura is easy to dissolve in water, but its color is turbid and a little bitter. So in ancient times, it's usually not easy to detect when it's put in wine, because the ancient brewing technology is not the same as now, the color of wine is yellow, and with the effect of alcohol, the double effect is naturally obvious.

It's said that the fragrance of Datura has magic power, which can evoke the memories before death. According to modern medicine, Datura is actually poisonous, which can disturb the nervous system and produce various hallucinations. Therefore, it is only suitable for medicine. Ordinary people can't use it arbitrarily. Datura is a kind of toxic plant.