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How to calculate the income of yu'ebao? How much is the annual income of yu'ebao deposit 1W?

for many financial investment Xiaobai, do you often put money in yu'ebao? Then how about the interest of yu'ebao / there are two ways to calculate the income of yu'ebao: the seven-day annualized yield and the income per 10000 shares. For many financial managers, it's a good way to put money in yu'ebao, but do you know how to calculate the specific income?

The seven-day annualized rate of return refers to the annual return. For example, it's 6.00% now. If you have 1000 yuan, it's 60 yuan interest. But because this is a variable data, you can only calculate the annual return based on this.

Every ten thousand earnings is ten thousand one-day earnings, which is accurate. Now a unit is one yuan, ten thousand is ten thousand yuan, that is to say, every ten thousand earnings is ten thousand yuan a day, which can be prepared to know your daily earnings.

And yu'ebao itself calculates the income every day. If the income per 10000 shares is 1.50 now, if you have 1000 yuan, then you can get 0.15 yuan every day, which is accurate.

Let's take a look at how much yu'e Bao has saved for a month. You can use the same analogy, such as how much you have saved for 1000 yuan, 100000 yuan, and 1 million yuan.

Alipay wallet balance treasure daily interest rate of about 1 yuan, equivalent to the annual interest rate is 3.65%, higher than the bank's annual regular basis, the formula is (balance treasure /10000* fund company's income per 10000), for example, today's ten thousand income is 1.1, the formula is calculated every day is 1 yuan to go up, a month according to 30 days count is 30*1.1=33 yuan, a year is 365 days count is 3. 65 * 1.1 = 401.5 yuan.