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How is cut yam hand urticant to return a responsibility? How to cut yam fingers without itching?

In summer, many people like to put yam in soup. Yam is a kind of food with rich nutritional value. However, in the process of cutting yam, if you accidentally touch it, it is easy to cause skin allergy and itching. Then how can yam not itch? What about itching after cutting yam? The mucus of yam contains alkaloid, which will itch when touching the skin. Diosgenin in the skin of yam causes itchy hands.

Solution to skin itch after contact with yam

Method 1: if your hands are itchy, you can wash them carefully, and then your hands are covered with vinegar, even the nail cracks. After a while, the itch will gradually disappear! (reason: acid alkali neutralization)

Method 2: you can also bake it on the fire, turn your hands repeatedly, and let them heat up. In this way, it can decompose the Diosgenin which penetrates into the hands.

Tips for avoiding allergy caused by contact with yam

Method 1: when scraping the yam skin, it is easy to stick the essence to the hand, making people feel itchy and uncomfortable. If you boil or steam the cleaned yam for 4-5 minutes, cool it and then peel it, it won't be so sticky, but you should also pay attention not to overdo the cooking to avoid the yam from rotting.

Method 2: clean yam and wear gloves when peeling

Method 3: prepare a pot of boiling water, wash the skin, remove the dirt and impurities, and then directly put it into the boiling water for boiling. After starting the pot, you can easily remove the skin by gently cutting with the kitchen knife from top to bottom!