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Can potatoes be eaten after germination? Can eat germinated potato poison?

can potatoes be eaten after germination? Do you often hear this saying? Can potatoes be eaten when they are sprouted? For many frugal people, they are reluctant to discard when they are sprouted. Can sprouted potatoes be eaten? How to deal with sprouted potatoes?

Can potatoes be eaten after germination

Germinated potatoes produce a toxin called solanine. Non germinated potatoes contain only 10 mg of solanine per 100 g, but increase 50 times or more after germination. Taking a small amount of solanine may not have obvious harm to human body, but if you take about 200 mg of solanine once, you can get sick after 15 minutes to 3 hours. The first symptoms are pruritus in the mouth and throat, pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Those with mild symptoms can self heal through their own detoxification function after 1-2 hours. If they eat 300-400mg or more solanine, the symptoms will be very serious, which is manifested as temperature rise and repeated vomiting leading to water loss, followed by pupil enlargement, fear of light, tinnitus, and smoking Convulsions, dyspnea, blood pressure drop, very few people can die of respiratory paralysis. So it's better not to eat potatoes with sprouts.

How to deal with potatoes sprouting

It's a pity that potatoes will be thrown away if they germinate, so we can eat them selectively. When the potatoes just sprout and the buds are not growing well, you can dig out one piece of the buds and the bud holes, and the rest can be eaten, because at this time, the toxins are still concentrated in the bud holes and nearby parts, and the toxins have not expanded. Although after the above treatment, some toxins will remain. During the processing, the buds and roots should be dug out, peeled and soaked in water for half an hour before processing and eating. This kind of potato is not suitable for fried silk or chips. It can be braised, stewed or boiled. Because solanine is easy to decompose when meeting with acid, you can add some vinegar when cooking.

In fact, the answer to the question "can sprouted potatoes be eaten?" is conditional. For the kind of potato with less germination (just growing a bud), cut off the bud before eating. At the same time, thoroughly dig around the bud and the bud eye, cut off the potato skin, remove the purple and green part (not only the skin), and soak in cold water for half an hour. When cooking, add a proper amount of vinegar to destroy the toxin and prevent the harm of solanine to human body. At this time, you can eat it safely and boldly. For those potatoes that germinate more, or are exposed to the sun for a long time, or most of them turn blue due to long storage time, in case of poisoning, don't eat them again, just throw them away.

How to prevent potato germination?

How to store the potatoes to prevent germination, especially when they need to be stored, is a big problem.

In order to avoid waste, ensure the safety of potatoes and prevent poisoning, potatoes should be stored in a place with low temperature, ventilation and no direct sunlight to prevent germination. In addition, when purchasing, pay attention to observe the appearance and color of potatoes. Those with peculiar smell and blackening cannot be purchased.