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Xian Fei cuts out a lamp. Who are the seven lamps?

In "Yanxi strategy", Princess Xian played by she Shiman is a darker person. She has done a lot of unknown things behind her for her hatred. I don't know whether the netizens watching TV series pay attention to her. In Episode 16, Princess Xian lights seven lights, and one will be off when one person dies. So who are the seven lights for?

After the collapse of her faith, Princess Xian never returned to the road of blackening. The basic reason is the whole feudal constitution, which is a place to eat people. The direct reason is that maybe Princess Xian went to visit her concubines after her family was destroyed, and the concubines laughed coldly and killed the last hope in her heart.

First lamp: Jiabin

As the saying goes, when a man is dying, his words are also good. However, Jiadi only wants to sprinkle salt on Princess Xian's wound when she is most vulnerable and helpless. It's useless to mock Princess Xian at the exit. She's worse than a dog. Every word is in her heart.

No wonder the last princess Xian can't bear it any longer. Strangle it directly. When Princess Xian sits on the ground and tenses Bai Ling, maybe the string in her heart is also tensed. That string originally played a gentle voice for goodness and generosity, but now it's taut and dumb, and there's no voice anymore.

The second lamp: Prince Yi

In the play, the emperor rushes into Princess Xian's palace angrily, and it's just like saying: "are you looking forward to a long life and continue to harm our country and mountains?". Later, Princess Xian said in the course of her defense that Prince Yi was originally a party with Gao's father, so she framed her alma.

As a result, the emperor was even more angry and scared that she could only kneel down to seek the emperor's understanding. After the emperor left, Princess Xian said: Emperor, you will regret wronging your loyal officials. Later, Prince Yi was dismissed, and Princess Xian pulled back.

The third lamp: the son of the queen

In fact, after the empress pleaded for the emperor's pardon for Princess Xian's father, Princess Xian's attitude towards the queen was very different. What's more, later I mistakenly heard the corner of the wall and thought that the queen could not get rid of her brother's death, so I provoked Gao Guifei and the queen. In the bat plan, Princess Xian, who can protect the Empress Dowager and the eunuch in charge of the Imperial Palace, can't protect a queen. In fact, she intended to release water to Gao Guifei and let the queen abort.

The fourth and fifth lights: Gao Guifei's two sisters

Before the death of Gao Guifei in the TV series, only her brother came to see her, and in the novel "strategies for the extension of the Jubilee", she also summoned her two half sisters. Stepmother Ma thinks that it's Gao Guifei who knows she can't carry her two younger sisters to the palace. She happily brings them in.

As a result, Gao invited them to have a meal. The whole family seemed to be friendly and beautiful, but they didn't know that she had put poison in the meal. So before she died, her two sisters had died. Princess Xian's family has been destroyed by Gao's family. Now it's possible that all the favours of Gao's family will be ruined. Princess Xian's revenge will be avenged.

Sixth lamp: Gao Guifei

Of course, it was Gao Guifei who died that night. After all, Gao Guifei is the most insulting person to Xian. When Princess Xian kneels on the ground and pleads for help, she is still mercilessly leaving her jewelry on the ground. It's really a waste of people!

However, before the death of Princess Gao, Princess Xian, through a gentle knife, whispered all the cruel things, so that Princess Gao could not wake up to her own despair. At that moment, compared with the former Princess Xian, she was afraid that there was no better. It can be seen from the sneer of Princess Xian when she left that she was very satisfied with the revenge and her face was calm when cutting the wick.

The seventh lamp: Empress Fucha and seven elder brothers

In fact, the queen is very unjust. It is estimated that in Princess Xian's place, her idea is as follows: if the queen does not give her money, his father will not go to prison, his brother will not die in prison, and his mother will not die as a result. Especially the doctor who has withdrawn his brother's treatment will be very deadly.

Princess Xian successfully aroused the jealousy of pure imperial concubine by using her little brother, took advantage of her knife to remove the last 'enemy', and was brainwashed to design and support Yingluo. She set fire to kill seven elder brothers who were several months old in warm Pavilion, causing empress Fucha to despair and collapse, and leapt down from the high corner building.

Although Princess Xian looked at the lights with a calm face, she could not detect any anger or pleasure. But no matter she is trampled by others, or she is struggling desperately without pets, it is heartbreaking. It's better to be an ordinary woman, not wearing gold and silver, but having a good husband's family. ​​​​