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What is app called "sonic record"? What is snail sleep?

What does app call the dream record? It can find many interesting applications on the jitter. These small functions can help you better record your life every moment. What's the name of the software that can record and detect snoring, dreamtalk, etc.? It's amazing. Do you know what this app is?

What does app call the dream record?

Name: snail sleep

This software can easily help you to record the sound produced during sleep, let you master your sleep situation after falling asleep, and help improve sleep quality.

Snail sleep record the snoring, original hypnotic music get rid of insomnia, intelligent alarm clock wake up easily!

As a sleep health partner application, it will accompany you to spend a good sleep time at night, cultivate your good sleep habits, sense and record your sleep process, present you with a visual sleep report, and help you better understand your sleep. Let you get rid of the foreign body feeling of wearing equipment, and also can understand your sleep state!

Apple App store health fitness list top 1 million download applications!

Snail sleep - your pillow mate, make your sleep efficient, improve your sleep health, energetic every day!

The above is all the content of app, which is recorded in the dream language. If you want to know more about news and tutorials about jitter, please keep an eye on me.