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What is the mascot of the Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia? What are the implications of the three

what is the mascot of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games? At present, the Jakarta Asian Games will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the mascot of the Jakarta Asian Games is composed of three kinds of unique wild animals. What is it? Let's have a look.

What is the mascot of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games

The mascot of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games is made up of three unique wild animals: the bird of Paradise 'bhin bhin', the rhinoceros' IKA 'and the deer' atung '. These three animals represent the three regions of Indonesia, reflecting the sense of national unity. The bird of Paradise 'bhin bhin' is mainly distributed in the east of Indonesia. It is famous for its beautiful feathers and a symbol of wisdom. 'IKA' unicorn is a symbol of power from western Indonesia. The last "atung" deer, also known as "Batao dolphin deer", is a unique deer on Indonesia's bawaian island and a symbol of speed.

What is the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games

The 18th Jakarta Asian Games.

According to the constitution of the Asian Olympic Council, the Asian Olympic Council is the only highest leading organization with the right to decide the competition items of the Asian Games. The Asian Olympic Council and the Asian Organizing Committee of Jakarta have also reached an agreement. This plan will not add any other competition items from the date of announcement. This is the first time that E-sports has really entered the Asian Games. On May 14, the Asian Olympic Council announced that six E-sports events for the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta will be determined, namely: League of heroes, arena of Valor (King's Glory International Edition), Royal war, live football, legend of furnace stone and StarCraft II.

Events of the 18th Jakarta Asian Games: 32 Olympic Games, bowling, kabadi, rattan, squash, martial arts, bridge, paragliding, water motor, E-sports

When will the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games begin

When will the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games start: from August 18, 2018 to September 2, 2018.

Venue of 2018 Asian Games: Jakarta, co host city is megaport.

The 2018 Jakarta Asian Games is the 18th Asian Games. This is the second time Jakarta has won the right to host the Asian Games. It is the third capital city to win the right to host the second Asian Games after Bangkok and New Delhi.