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The red bear is small. What brand is Zhang manru meidizhi?

is a little voice. Who is it? Is it a famous red bear on the ground recently? Trembling voice is small as real identity is picked up is Mei Di CEO Zhang man, the net red bear is small as the leaflet is red and vibrato, Zhang Manru, the founder of American wisdom, is 19 years old as the chairman of the board. The following is the introduction of the personal information of the net red Zhang Manru picture.

Trembling is as small as real identity.

Zhang Manru's voice is as small as real name, and is currently the chairman of the company. Zhang Manru has his own cosmetics company and clothing company. He is 19 years old as CEO. The red voice is due to wearing a net red bear's clothes, sending out leaflets outside the scorching sun and taking off the bear's head cover, the netizen is valued by his face value, and then the chairman of the board is even more shocking.

Zhang manru, founder of meidizhi board chairman, photo of Zhang manru, micro blog name: I'm Zhang manru. Although he has been the chairman of the board since he was young, Zhang manru's Micro blog has not dazzled the rich, has not danced, and is almost all work sharing. It can be seen that Zhang manru is usually busy with work, and other time is also accompanied by his family, which is really a very good little sister.

The outside world is curious about Zhang manru's family background, but Zhang manru says he grew up in a simple family. Zhang manru's microblog also showed photos of his family. Zhang manru also has a younger brother, whose age is relatively small.

Zhang Manru's trembling voice also appeared in his younger brother's voice.

Zhang manru was successful in starting her own business. At the beginning of starting her own business, she also encountered various difficulties. Now, after becoming popular, she also encountered cyber violence. Although she was young, she never gave up. It was really not easy.

Not to mention Zhang manru in 1999, even now many adults are not necessarily able to withstand these tests. For a young girl who is not yet 20 years old, it is not easy to go to this step. Xiaobian also likes Zhang manru here. I hope she will get better and better in the future!