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How can the roses received on Tanabata not wither at once? Rose raising skills

yesterday was Valentine's day on Chinese Valentine's day. Did many people receive roses? Many girls think that the flowers given by their boyfriend are always very precious, but if the roses are not well managed, they will easily wither, so how can the roses be kept alive? How can the roses be kept fresh?

1. End crushing method:

Smash the end of the flower stem of the whole bunch of roses with a hammer. The place of smashing is about an inch, so that the area of water absorption of the roses can be expanded, the water absorption is sufficient, and the roses can be maintained for a longer time.

2. Fresh flower preservative:

Adding a proper amount of chemicals to the solution of flower arrangement can inhibit the use of flower branches and prolong the preservation time. If you can't buy preservatives for a while, you can use potassium permanganate 1 / 4000 aqueous solution to prevent corrosion, or aspirin 1 / 3000 aqueous solution to prepare a simple preservative, which can also make flowers.

3. Scalding:

Immerse the base of the flower branch in boiling water, pick up it after ten seconds (only one or two seconds for fragile and delicate flowers), so as to block the incision, prevent the liquid overflow of the flower branch tissue, and have a good effect on herbal flowers.

4. Saltwater or sugar water method:

Add a little salt or sugar to the water for growing flowers, or crush the cut when the flower branches are just cut off, and rub with salt, the effect is better than scalding. Sugar keeps flowers fresh and long. However, it is not suitable to use salt water to nourish the flowers without buds, otherwise the flowers will be difficult to open.

5. Liquid immersion method:

Before inserting the rose flower into the vase, soak the end of the rose flower in the used waste developer for half an hour, and the flower can be prolonged.

6. Tea water method:

The rootless flowers in the vase are easy to wither. Generally, the flower arrangement period of clear water is only three or four days. If tea water is used instead of water, the time of flower arrangement and withering can be delayed. It is better to make tea water thicker. Tea is used to arrange flowers. The flowers will not wither in 7 days, and the flowers are colorful and fragrant.

7. First aid:

When a rose hangs its head, you can cut off a small part of the end of the flower branch, and then put it in a container filled with cold water, leaving only the flower head exposed to the water. After 1-2 hours, the flower branch will wake up, and the grass and wood flowers are applicable.

8. Beer method:

Add a little beer into the bottle with roses, or insert a bubble filled beer bottle into it, and add proper amount of water. The result will be that the freshness of these flowers is extended. This is because beer contains ethanol, which can disinfect and antiseptic the cut of flower branches, and also contains sugar and other nutrients, which can provide nutrients for the branches and leaves.

9. Preservative method:

The effect of prolonging flowering period is better when one third of aspirin solution or one half of potassium permanganate solution is used.

10. Water immersion pruning:

After taking the rose home, dip the base of the flower branch into the water as soon as possible. Then, use scissors to cut a part in the water obliquely, and then immediately insert it into the vase to keep it. The water for keeping flowers is also exquisite. It's better to use natural water instead of mineral water, tap water, well water or river water, so as to prolong the fresh-keeping period of roses. Finally, it is better to put the flowers on the windowsill.