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How about the single dog on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018? Chinese Valentine's Day is still wonderful

It's Chinese Valentine's Day! How does a single dog live alone? This is the most common topic you can see on social media such as Weibo and wechat today. Is it embarrassing and lonely to see others in pairs on Chinese Valentine's day? So what should a single dog do on Chinese Valentine's day?

Overtime! Overtime! Overtime!

What's the most terrible thing in the world? No object! What's the most terrible thing? No object and no money! So, no one asked you on Qixi, then go to earn money!

It's also a good choice to work overtime to dilute your loneliness! Of course, if you can only choose one object and money, many people will definitely choose the latter. After all, you are only a single dog without an object. If you don't have money, you are not even a dog.

Ask a single friend out!

What kind of experience is it to be single for too long? Occasionally envy lovers and occasionally celebrate freedom. When a person gets through the most difficult time, he doesn't want to look for dependence anymore. Everyone is tired.

In your life, more than half of the time is spent with your partner. Why not spend time dating your best friend when your partner hasn't appeared (if your best friend is single)? When the Chinese Valentine's day comes, single dogs can ask their best single friends out for a wave.

Do something meaningful at home alone

If a person, can listen to favorite music, drunk in your music world. You can also eat what you should drink as usual, study what you should learn and keep fit. It's not necessary to sigh in the circle of friends. It's another spring. Where is my spring.

Single dog's Tanabata survival rule, I prefer this one, after all, next Tanabata maybe you are still a person, so why sad and lonely? A person, not good?

Single aristocrats are invited to play games

It's said that there is a single dog game specially developed for single people. Maybe you can know the right object through the game! Of course, the recently popular game werewolf killing is also very good. It's also a good choice to vent your single resentment in the game.

On the Chinese Valentine's day, I choose to go home and spend time with my parents

This festival is for non single people, like running, for single dogs, single meow, words sad, knife see blood. But many people only care about how they live as a single dog on Qixi, but think about if you get married next year, will Qixi go home?

So I was thinking, talk to my parents. When I get married and have children, I don't have many free days. Of course, if your parents urge you to marry, don't be disgusted. If you tell them what you think, they will understand you.

2017 single dog's Tanabata survival rule tells us a truth, Tanabata, if a person, please take care of yourself, also keep smiling, if you just love someone, then be brave to express your heart to TA, maybe your TA is running to you! Hope that all single dogs will not be a person next year!