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How many episodes will be updated in a week?

Since its completion, legend of Ruyi, the sister part of legend of Zhen Huan, has been a hot topic on Weibo, with a high degree of discussion. But the broadcast time has not been determined. Did the official announcement of the broadcast time last night look forward to it?

The broadcast time is also extended again and again, and eventually it has become a happy scene of "wolf comes", but it still hasn't blocked the enthusiasm of fans who like the legend of Ruyi. On August 16, the official blog of Ruyi news finally released good news, saying that Tencent video will be broadcast exclusively on the whole network on August 20. In this regard, netizens have expressed great expectations.

On the evening of August 16, the official microblog of the TV play Ruyi said: 'on August 20, the video of Tencent was broadcast exclusively on the whole network. Two episodes were updated every week from Monday to Thursday at 20 o'clock, and members always watched six more episodes. '

After the news was exposed, netizens gathered around and left messages, exclaiming, "God, it's finally coming!" and finally waiting for you. I'm looking forward to Huo Jianhua, and I'm looking forward to Ruyi's biography. "Am I wrong? Suddenly I came to the unbelievable fixed file. '