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Can I buy a train ticket for the admission notice? Does the admission notice cost half of the train

can freshmen buy train tickets with admission notice? Because the opening time of colleges and universities is relatively concentrated, it's better to buy tickets in advance. For freshmen, they can actually buy train tickets with admission notice, which is also 50% discount.

Pay attention to freshmen!

For freshmen of ordinary colleges and universities, they can purchase student tickets from their home place of residence to colleges and universities by presenting the original admission notice of the University and carrying their ID card to the ticket window of the railway station.

Please accept the college entrance examination students and their parents!

01. How do freshmen buy train tickets?

A: new students can buy student tickets at the railway station window with the admission notice and ID card, or go to the railway station with the admission notice, ID card and order number after successfully booking at the website of China Railway Customer Service Center (www.12306. CN), 12306 mobile phone client or calling 95105105.

02. What is the latest pre-sale period?

A: according to the ticket rules, tickets can be pre sold 30 days in advance for Internet phone purchase, and tickets can be sold 28 days in advance for train station ticket window, booking offices and automatic ticket machines.

03. What's the discount on the student ticket?

A: according to the regulations, student tickets are only available for ordinary hard seat tickets, ordinary hard sleeper tickets and second-class seats of EMU. Students can enjoy half price discount for ordinary hard seat train tickets, and 70% discount for ordinary hard sleeper tickets and second-class EMU tickets.

04. What is the preferential zone for new students to enjoy train tickets?

A: the preferential zone for new students to enjoy train tickets is between the home location and the school location, and those beyond the zone cannot enjoy preferential policies.

Can freshmen buy tickets online?

A: because 12306 online booking needs to fill in student ID and bus interval information, it is not convenient for freshmen to fill in, so it is not recommended for freshmen to use online booking to avoid trouble when picking up tickets.

06. Can freshmen purchase / collect tickets at the automatic ticket machine or booking office?

A: No, because freshmen don't have student cards, they can't swipe magnetic stripe to get student tickets.

07. I'm a new student. What should I do if I have already booked tickets online?

A: if you have booked tickets online, you can go to the railway station to collect tickets with the admission notice, ID card and order number. If you have any difficulty, please contact the station master on duty to solve the problem. If the ticket cannot be obtained at last, it can only be refunded and cannot be changed to full price adult ticket.

08. Is there any discount for the accompanying parents?

A: there is no discount.

09. How many times can freshmen buy student tickets?

A: new students can only buy student tickets once with the admission notice.

According to previous years' experience:

Ticket conditions for student train tickets

1. In general colleges and universities, military colleges and universities, primary and secondary professional schools and technical schools, students can study with student cards with train tickets attached, and secondary and primary schools with written certificates (the certificates must indicate the student's family residence, and both parents are not in the school location), during the winter vacation (December 1 to March 31) and summer vacation (June 1 to September 30) every year Purchase the student ticket of the local station between the college and the family four times.

2. Schools that have been incorporated into the national unified enrollment plan, admitted through unified examinations, and have qualifications for academic education approved by the Ministry of education may sell student tickets.

3. New students can buy one student ticket with the admission notice of the College (valid only if the original is required); new graduates can buy one student ticket with the written certificate of the College (not with the dispatch certificate) when they go home from the college.

4. After the students return home from vacation, they can also purchase student tickets from the home to the new school with the school certificate and student discount card.

5. Overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall also apply in accordance with the above provisions. When the ticket is sold to the border station at home, it can be sold four times a year for sightseeing or visiting relatives and friends in other places in the country instead of going home. The station where the school is located and the return station will stamp the name of each station to record the number of tickets sold.

Discount range of student train tickets

Students can enjoy half price tickets for hard seats, acceleration tickets and air-conditioning tickets for price reduction. Only second-class students' tickets are available for EMU trains, and students' tickets are 75% of the full price.

Selling time of student train tickets

Student tickets are limited to winter vacation (December 1-March 31) and summer vacation (June 1-September 30), and they will not be sold at other times.

What are the circumstances in which students are not allowed to buy train tickets

1. Where the school is located, there is one of the parents of the student.

2. When students are suspended, resumed, transferred or dropped out of school.

3、 Students travel between the school and the internship site.

4. Internship, summer camp or other social practice activities for students.

5. For the student card reissued after the loss of the student card, the student ticket will not be sold in the year of reissue.

6. 'students without wage income', refers to students without fixed wage income. If it can be confirmed that students with wage income can purchase tickets with the discount coupon, the station can refuse to sell student tickets, temporarily withhold their student cards and notify the school to handle them.

7. If it is found that the "discount coupon" is changed but the official seal of the school is not affixed, or one person holds more than two student cards, the station may refuse to sell his student tickets, temporarily withhold his student card and notify the school to deal with it.

8. The student card does not have the registration seal of this semester, the "discount card" does not have the official seal of the school, there is no "student train ticket discount card", the "student train ticket discount card" cannot be identified by the credit card machine or is inconsistent with the student card records, and other phenomena.