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Will you get married on the seventh day of 2018? Special significance of the Chinese Valentine's Day

Chinese Valentine's Day is our Chinese Valentine's day. Many people will choose this day to get a license. How about 2018 Chinese Valentine's day? Tomorrow is Chinese Valentine's day. I think many people want to ask for a good start. There will be many people to get married tomorrow. So if you want to get a license, you should get up early.

Can I get a license on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018.

Since this day is July 7th, August 17th and Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the Civil Affairs Bureau will work, so you can choose to get the certificate on this memorable day. Marriage registries all over the country will work normally. They will make preparations in advance and accept the appointment of new people in advance.

There are different opinions about how to get a license on the Chinese Valentine's day. In fact, when to get a license, whether it is a so-called good day, is not so important. It is important that two people work together for a lifetime to support each other through the years after marriage. For those lovers who are in deep love, true love is a good day every day. Of course, good days will make us feel better.

1. Orthodox view

--Tanabata is not only a traditional Chinese festival, but also a Valentine's day. It's a good thing to cultivate good fruits with the lovers on Valentine's day.

--There are also divorces in marriage. It doesn't matter which day you get the license!

--Chinese Valentine's Day is not suitable. What other festivals are suitable?

--My friend also got the license this day. We all think it's very good. As long as we love each other, it doesn't matter which day we get the license!

2. Opposing view

--Dong Yong and the seven fairies meet only once a year. I'm afraid that my husband and I will be separated in the future. I will not get the license on that day!

--There are many good days. People say that if you don't get a certificate on the seventh day, you can't get it!

--Tanabata is not good. They are bitter mandarin ducks. I don't want to be bitter mandarin ducks!

--Since some people say it's not good, they don't get the license! It's definitely better to get the license in a better day!

Procedures for obtaining marriage certificate 1. Both men and women who require marriage registration shall jointly apply to the marriage registration authority of the district or county-level Civil Affairs Bureau (or town people's Government) with the required certificates.

2. Both parties shall apply to the marriage registration authority in person and fill in a declaration of application for marriage registration.

3. Both parties must personally sign or press the fingerprint in the column of "declarant" in the declaration of application for marriage registration in front of the marriage registrar.

4. The marriage registration authority shall examine the certificates and statements submitted by both parties, and approve the registration if they meet the conditions for marriage registration.