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What does it mean? Source and source of leather

Recently, the word "leather" looks very hot. Do you know what it means? Skin is very happy this time. This stem means that you are very happy to be so naughty and troublesome. You are too naughty!

Mischievous is the meaning of mischievous, which comes from dialect, and fire comes from game interpretation. Especially, dashima often uses you to mean mischievous. So, are you happy? It means very naughty. Are you happy when you say you are naughty? It means you are naughty!

What does skin mean?

Leather means to play a trick.

The word originated from dialects, popular in the game commentary, especially the big Sima in Wuhu often used in live broadcast, so the word was first popular in the electric circuit circle, and then gradually expanded its scope of use, becoming the common network language of Tucao nowadays.

After the popularity of the word "Pi Shi", the "skin one" facial expression made by netizens has been warmly sought after, and has been widely used and reprinted. After all, it is not a matter of pretense.