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What is the real identity of the fragrant honey and the frost like kite? Does Qiyuan like gilding?

Based on the novel of the same name of the wire, the TV series "fragrant honey sinks like frost" tells the story of Jinmi and Xufeng III's love for thousands of years. Many netizens are looking forward to the love story between Yang Zi and Deng Lun, but in addition, there is a person who has attracted netizens' attention. That is Qi Yuan, the mask man beside Tian Hou. What is Qi Yuan's real identity?

What is Qi Yuan's identity

In fact, Qi Yuan has a dual identity in the play. When he appears, he confuses everyone's eyes with the servants around Tian'an. Now with the development of the plot, it can be found that his identity is not simple. He is actually a person of the spirit destroying clan, formerly called Twilight CI. But with the disappearance of the spirit destroying clan, he is taken as the servant of Tian'an, helping Tian'an do many things Bad things, but also a good and evil role.

Because his nature is not a bad person, but he has been used by the queen of heaven, so he has been doing some bad things. But he has also been fighting against this evil force. At last, he has seen his original intention clearly, unwilling to be used by people all the time, and finally defeated the evil to become a good person.

Introduction to the ending of Qiyuan

In the play, he also gets a happy ending. He and Liu Ying, the princess of the world of demons, have a lover and finally get married. They are also the luckier people in the play. After all, his love with Liu Ying has gone through hardships, which is hard won.

As we all know, the person Liu Ying liked before the play was Xu Feng, but the person Xu Feng liked was Jin MI, but as the princess of the demon world, her character was also informal, and her love and hate were deeply loved by everyone. After she chose to let go, she also met her own love, which was Qi Yuan. After all, they grew up together, so they were right We know each other very well, and naturally we will be together.

Although the plot hasn't been updated to the picture of two people together, I think the picture they are together is also very well matched. Now let's look forward to their next development in the play. I'm sure it won't let you down.