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How are the people born on July 15? Why are people born on ghost day called Tiantai?

Another ten days is the ghost festival. It's said that on this day of every year, the gate of the ghost is open and the ghosts walk at night. It's also said that people born on the ghost festival are called Tiantai. As the ghost festival approaches, many expectant mothers are beginning to worry about what to do if their babies are born on the day of the ghost festival. Today, Xiaobian will answer for you the questions about the people born on July 15 of the lunar calendar. Why are people born on the ghost festival called Tiantai?

Is Zhongyuan Festival Ghost Festival

"Yulan Festival" is commonly known as "Ghost Festival". It's the 15th day of the seventh lunar month. It's said that it's the day when the gates of ghosts open. In Taoism, it's the day when the central Yuan Festival is celebrated. In Buddhism, it's called "Yulan Festival". It's said that since the first day of the seventh lunar month, the wandering ghosts in the earth's government have been released. They can live in the world for a period of time and receive people's sacrifices Worship, until July 30, the ghost gate will be closed again, the festival period of the ghost festival also ended.

The custom of the mid Yuan Festival is said to have existed in the Han Dynasty, especially in the Tang Dynasty. It is said that Li Shimin, the Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, fell ill in his old age and fell into a coma during his illness. When he woke up, he claimed that he had "traveled to the hell" to see ghosts scattered in the underworld and hungry ghosts, and stopped the way to beg for food. After he promised to return to Yang, he was widely given alms. Therefore, he ordered the whole country to set up a feast to give alms to all the ghosts at the time of the mid Yuan Festival Pudo 'is also called' Pushi '. From then on, it has been passed on for a long time.

How are the people born on the 15th of July in the lunar calendar

Born on the 15th day: this day, people are born. Husband and wife respect each other. Their offspring are punished and overcome. They fight fiercely and destroy their future. After the 30th five year plan, they come to Yuqing. The men leave the rent and develop in other places. The women who kill each other must have a hard life and a safe life.

It is said that the friends born in Zhongyuan festival will see some unclean things, and some say that the fate of the people born in Zhongyuan festival will be more bumpy. It is also said that people born around the ghost festival are mostly related to the Bodhisattva.

Why are people born on ghost day called Tiantai

In China, there is a saying that babies born on the ghost festival are called heavenly babies. In ancient books, there is a saying: "the five stars are the spiritual roots of the sun and the moon, and the five treasures of the heavenly babies. Heaven and earth rely on the integration of Qi, and the sun and the moon are connected to each other. The eastern year star is the real emperor, whose name is Chenglan and whose character is Qingning. &Hellip; & hellip; the real emperor of southern Yinghuo, surnamed haokong, taboo Weichun, (word) Sanrong. '

The book also said: '& hellip; & hellip; (in the West) the true emperor of Taibai, whose surname is haokong and whose surname is Debiao. &Hellip; & hellip; (North) Chen Xing, the real emperor, is named Qi serial, with the word Jiyuan. &Hellip; & hellip; (central) Zhenxing zhenhuangjun, with the name Tibetan Mu and the character extension. 'this name is also found in ancient books such as the code of five stars and seven yuan space of Taishang and the five stars of flying steps of Taishang. According to this, people think that people born on this day have a good destiny and will have a smooth life.