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How much is You Benchang's voice account? A wave of childhood memories

It's not strange to Ji Gong. For many people, it's definitely one of the most classic memories of childhood. "Ha ha ha ha, the poor monk I came back!" not long ago, You Benchang, 85, released a short video on the jitter. After 33 years, he again played the role of 'Ji Gong', and instantly fired the whole network.

Grandpa Jigong's unchanging laughter and singing brought a wave of memories to kill. Netizens instantly cried: our childhood is back!

Grandfather Ji Gong, 85

Bring a wave of memories to kill

At the end of last month, a video suddenly appeared on the trembling sound. In the video, You Benchang, a 85 year old performing artist who played "Ji Gong", was wearing a broken kabsai and shaking a fan before a temple. He was laughing and singing the familiar melody: "shoes are broken, hats are broken, and the scarf on the body is broken." You laugh at me, he laughs at me, a fan is broken. No Amitabha, no Amitabha... '

As soon as the opening, it brought a wave of memories to netizens. Soon, the number of video likes reached 3.76 million, which was reprinted by Sina Weibo, today's headlines and other network platforms. The whole network set off a "Jigong" fever, with tens of millions of broadcasts.

Seeing Grandpa Jigong coming back, netizens were moved by tears and comments on the screen.

Wow, when we were young, Grandpa Jai actually played the jitter.

So many years have not changed much, the memory of childhood.

When I was a child, I grew up watching this TV play. The voice, the laughter, are so familiar with it. I miss my youth!

A sour nose in an instant! Wish grandpa good health, continue to look at life with crazy smile

As for himself, he suddenly became a 'net red', 'Jigong' grandfather said on his micro blog.

The old opera bones from Taizhou

Live and play

As we all know, he is a real Taizhou man. On September 16, 1933, you benchang was born in Hailing District. In 1985, 52 year old youbenchang became popular because he starred in the TV play "Ji Gong". This classic image, so far, has made the audience sigh: after you benchang, there will be no living Buddha Ji Gong. You benchang is still shining on the stage of drama. When he was 80, he sold his house and organized a drama club. Since 2012, he has starred in the drama "master Hongyi - the final victory", which has performed more than 100 performances at home and abroad, and has been greatly praised.

On April 30, 2016, you benchang returned to his hometown in Taizhou with his drama work master Hongyi - the last victory. It was the 83rd performance of the drama at that time. That year, you benchang was 83 years old.

At the age of 5, you benchang left Taizhou with his parents for nearly 80 years. When he came back, he couldn't conceal his inner excitement and sent two microblogs in succession.

The most recent public appearance in Taizhou was in November last year, when you benchang attended the opening ceremony of Beishan temple and the opening ceremony of the Buddha statue in the Mahavira hall. He loved performing and brought a drama performance to the audience in his hometown.

When returning home, you benchang also took his wife and daughter to Taoyuan, Nanshan Temple and other scenic spots to play and regain his childhood memory.

Self proclaimed 'post-80s'

Youth is still on the way

In life, You Benchang is like an old naughty boy. He plays micro-blog, beat the jitter, and basks in the social software. He is not like a 85 year old man. He replied to what he often said: 'I am a ‘ after 80 ’ ah, youth is still on the way!' he looked at his jitter and micro-blog everyday, really happy!

To see such a hard-working, happy life of the 'Jigong' grandfather, I wish him health and happiness, long life Oh!