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Is Qiu Li Gao effective in relieving cough? Who is not suitable to drink autumn pear cream?

The dry autumn is coming. We should think of some ways to moisten our lungs. Qiuli cream is a good product for moistening the lungs and relieving coughing. For those who often cough, you may as well prepare some at home. How long can Qiuli cream stop coughing and moisten the lungs? Who is not fit to drink?

How long does Qiu Li Gao need to drink to stop coughing?

It doesn't have to depend on your specific symptoms. Li Gao is a traditional medicinal diet, with the functions of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst, moistening the lungs, relieving cough and clearing the heart. It can be drunk every day. As long as you pay attention to the right amount of health care products in autumn, you can do it every day. So if it's not good after a day or two, drink a few more days.

Of course, no matter how good the taste of Qiuli cream is, it can't be drunk casually as a drink, but should be taken dialectically. For example, it's useless to drink it for a while, so it's natural to see a doctor in time. And, some symptoms drink autumn pear cream also useless, have to distinguish. It is better to drink Qiuli cream for yin deficiency and lung heat cough than for cold and tropical phlegm cough.

It is advisable to drink Qiuli cream for cough due to lung heat due to yin deficiency.

Qiuli cream, also known as Sydney cream, is a kind of medicated diet drink made of selected Qiuli (or Yali pear, Xuehua pear) as the main raw material, together with other antitussive, expectorant, Shengjin, lung moistening drugs, such as Shengdi, Pueraria, radish, Ophiopogon japonicus, lotus root, ginger juice, Fritillaria, honey and other raw materials of the same origin. It is commonly used in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as lung heat, thirst, dry stool, lung yin, cough, spitting white phlegm, long cough and hemoptysis caused by heat dryness and fluid injury.

Qiuli cream has the functions of promoting body fluid, reducing fire, nourishing Yin, moistening lung, relieving cough and blood, etc. it is because all the drugs contained in the cream are cool, nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, such as Qiuli cold, Ophiopogon cold, nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, moistening lung and clearing heart, Shengdi, Pueraria, Fritillaria, etc. Therefore, Qiuli cream is suitable for coughing with Yin deficiency and lung heat.

The taboo of Qiuli cream is to moisten the lungs and stop coughing. Although it is a good product for moistening the lungs and stopping coughing, no matter how good the taste is, Qiuli cream can not be drunk as a drink, but should be taken according to syndrome differentiation.

who is not suitable to drink Qiuli cream?

1. Not suitable for cold and tropical phlegm and cough

According to traditional Chinese medicine, dryness is the Yang evil, which invades the lung from the mouth and nose and is most likely to damage the lung yin. Qiuli cream contains many ingredients to prevent dryness and protect Yin, such as Qiuli, Maidong, Chuanbei, etc., so it is especially effective for dry cough with Yin deficiency and lung heat. However, there are many syndrome types of cough, such as wind cold cough, wind heat cough, phlegm cough, liver fire cough, etc. at this time, eating Qiuli cream is not only ineffective, sometimes even worse.

2. Stomach deficiency and cold hands and feet are not suitable

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that autumn pear cream is cold in nature, so people with deficiency of spleen and stomach, cold hands and feet, loose stools and diarrhea should eat less or not, so as to avoid the aggravation of deficiency cold symptoms and diarrhea. Even patients who are easy to catch fire, dry stools and cough should not drink it, which should be enough. It should also be noted that Qiuli cream is not suitable for diabetics because of its high sugar content.

3. Direct drinking is not the best

Some people think that the thicker you take Qiuli cream, the better. Even more people think that it's the best to drink it directly. In fact, Qiuli cream has high sugar content and high osmotic pressure. Drinking it directly will often stimulate the oral cavity and throat mucosa, so it's not the best way to drink it directly. It's better to take one or two spoonfuls when drinking it, and then take it after boiling it.

4. Can autumn pear cream be drunk every day

Qiuli cream can be drunk every day, but should not be over drunk. Pear paste is a traditional medicinal diet. Because it has the functions of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst, moistening the lungs and clearing the heart, the autumn pear paste made of autumn pear as the main raw material often has the function of relieving cough. As Qiuli cream has certain properties and contraindications, people who are in line with the characteristics of Qiuli cream should not eat more than Qiuli cream to stop cough. It is suggested that the dosage should not be more than three times a day, just one tablespoon per ordinary meal.