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When will the Xiaomi mix 2S emerald Art Edition be officially launched? How much is millet mix 2S Ar

If color is a selling point of the flagship mobile phone, Xiaomi's exploration in this area is obviously behind other brands. Whether it's the first Xiaomi mix2s or the later Xiaomi 8, they are almost on the road of "no black, no white". Even if there are other colors, people feel a little lack of bright spots. However, the newly launched Xiaomi mix2s emerald Art Edition will probably change this situation. Xiaomi mix 2S as a new machine launched by Xiaomi, do you think the color looks good?

Xiaomi mix2s emerald Art Edition brings not only the change of color, but also a new version or a customized version of theme. This product is jointly developed by Xiaomi and Dunhuang Research Institute. It selects the natural gem color adopted by Dunhuang murals as the color matching of the body, and also customizes the product packaging and mobile phone theme. The wallpaper with the content of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes murals is built in, so it looks very special on the whole.

In terms of material, Xiaomi mix2s still adopts ceramic body. Color change sounds like a very simple thing, but in fact, mobile phone manufacturers have to invest a lot of research and development in this regard. Due to the different characteristics of different materials, the available color technology and optional colors are very limited under the existing technology level. For example, when the Apple iPhone 7 mobile phone realizes bright black on the metal body, the paint will fall off.

Xiaomi's mix2s emerald Art Edition uses the same dark green color as emerald, which is more difficult to achieve in the production process, which is one of the reasons why many mobile phones regard color as a selling point. In order to achieve a stable color, but also to ensure that the mobile phone and natural gemstones have the same texture, so the color of this mobile phone is absolutely able to support the selling point.

According to the official introduction, the emerald body is produced by a special process. Instead of coloring after the parts are produced like ordinary mobile phones, pigments are added to the ceramic production process to directly produce the ceramic body of this color, so the color is more natural and will not fade.

As a new version, the price of the Xiaomi mix2s emerald art version is the same as that of the ordinary version. At present, there is only 8GB + 256gb version of this mobile phone, the price is 3999 yuan, and millet wireless charger is also included with the ordinary version. But because this is a limited edition of 1000 sets of special version, so after the market or to rush to buy.

However, if you like this color, there is an "unlimited" ordinary version of millet mix2s jadeite color, the same color, also 8GB + 256gb, also 3999 yuan, excluding the special configuration in the jadeite art version. In short, the Xiaomi mix2s emerald art version is more like a collection or gift, while the ordinary version is a relatively simple new color version, with a larger quantity of goods and more suitable for daily use. The price is the same as the ordinary black version or white version. It's also destined to be more popular.