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What color is the Morandi color system? Yanxi's strategy of molandi is popular

Nowadays, the most popular topic is definitely the Qing palace play "Yanxi strategy". Besides the heroine Wei Yingluo's overbearing personality, are you fascinated by the colors of the costumes and props? What color is the Morandi color in the play?

What is the Morandi color system

Morandi color system: Advanced gray tone, not bright, as if covered with a layer of gray, not publicity but mutual restriction and mutual offset in the whole picture, so that the vision can achieve a perfect balance, peace and self-reliance, soothing and elegant, sometimes slightly cool feeling, but let people see more and more like it.

Morandi color collection

Different from the strong saturated colors such as green, peach red and purple used in the previous palace opera, Yanxi strategy creates a unique color style with clean and quiet "Morandi color". The official Facebook of "Yanxi strategy" also uses the colors used in the costume design in the play in a graphic way, so that we can know more about what is "Morandi color" and how to use it in the costume and scene design.

"Morandi color" has the reputation of "the most elegant and advanced gray". It seems to cover the color with a layer of gray tone, and mix red, green, blue and other colors to create a warm and comfortable color with light, so that people will not be tired of watching it for a long time. Although the producer's "I always think that my service is the best in China", the visual enjoyment of "Yanxi strategy" presents high level and texture, which really opens a new aesthetic of Qing palace opera.

The impressive hero, directed by Zhang Yimou in 2002, uses four colors of white, red, green and blue as the mood and tension of the plot. And "Morandi color" mainly focuses on inorganic gray tone. When it comes to gray, the one who is best at using gray scale to express feelings has to say Ms. Chanel. In her hands, gray can have various levels, can be noble and lively, and the innovation and uniqueness of playing color are amazing.

The color of "Morandi" comes from Giorgio Morandi, a famous Italian painter. In his works, it's a very simple living appliance. Cups, plates, bottles, boxes, etc. can also show different high-level feelings through different brushes and color collocations, giving people an elegant and unique feeling.

The fashion industry will not let go of such advanced colors. Therefore, "Morandi color" is widely used in clothing, makeup and even home decoration. In addition to creating a unique artistic atmosphere for the drama, it also successfully opened a new situation of "Qing palace fashion".