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Do you have to match the milk of Daike and zisu? Why milk before water?

does DAICO water emulsion have to be used together? With the popularity of Dai Ke's perilla water, it seems that the cream of the avocado, which is not very popular beside the Perilla frutescens, is on fire. Various small red books and beauty platform recommendations, then how about the effect of the two? Let's have a look.

Let's first talk about the emulsion of light oil from avocado lotion. I can use three times to wipe it up with a cotton pad. The touch is thicker than the make-up water, and the cotton pad is rubbed away, rather than the state of the emulsion. Absorption is super fast. The cotton pad will be gone within half a minute after wiping. It's generally absorbed by 'evaporation of water'. The skin feels soft from inside to outside. It's very enjoyable. It's poor for dry skin, but it's tolerant.

This emulsion is a water and water sense of use, the degree of moisture is "water". It is a lotion supplemented with 80% moisture and 20% oil.

The fragrance is the same as that of Perilla frutescens. It has a fragrant smell of mint and a cool smell. From smell to sense of use.

The order of the application of Dai Ke perilla water and avocado lotion is based on the order of Dai Ke, and the emulsion is used to soften the skin and then use the Perilla water layer to permeate. But some people like to use perilla water in the first step after cleansing. They think of a secondary cleaning effect, which is OK. If it is the other series of Dai Ke, it is better not to use this way, so the emulsion will be very floating and not easy to absorb. But this is because the Perilla water itself is very refreshing, and the butter emulsion is also very clear, which in turn has another flavor.

Avocado with Perilla water use experience 1, water and oil balance, soothing calm, refreshing anti-inflammatory. Mixed dry summer with a very balanced, moisturizing enough, moisturizing a little bit (oil is very little). It's a very delicate and just right feeling. It's enough for a girl with a strong oil secretion to use alone.

2. This series claims to be able to shrink pores. I don't think it's too small. But in summer, pores should be slightly larger. But I haven't. I'm still in the original state. It may be the cream of the cream, but he has not dragged his legs.

3. Soft cuticle, smooth skin. Especially after the emulsion is finished, the face is soft enough to feel like a jute.

4. Glossy, smooth. This is what can't be replaced by milk and water for a long time. It has the luster and smoothness that any water milk step can't achieve. Dredge the luster and smoothness of the pipe, and slide it to the point where there is no particle sense, instead of water emulsion wiping to remove the astringent stay on the surface. This is not unique to him. Milk before water has such quality.