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Who is the chairman of red bear? What brand does Zhang manru's profile create?

For small partners who often brush their voices, will they be brushed by a beautiful little red bear sister? Do you know who she is? When it comes to selfie, a lot of people know that there are many beautiful little sisters on this platform, such as the warm and confused fire before. Although, I don't know why it's so hot all of a sudden, maybe there's a reason for selfie!

My nickname is Zhang manru

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Gender: Female

Introduction: Weibo is my circle of friends

Age: 19

Net red bear Xiaoru, whose real name is Zhang manru, is the chairman of meidizhi. It is reported that Zhang manru not only owns her own cosmetics company, but also runs a clothing store. She is a model of young people with a successful career!

Why is Zhang manru so angry?

Zhang Manru was in the hot voice of the red bear because of the red voice. Now it is so hot that it is really inspiring to stand up to the sun in order to earn money to support the family and send leaflets. And her video also received millions of praise. Netizens not only praised her beauty, but also her efforts and efforts.

Looking at Zhang manru's Micro blog, we are sharing our daily work, and the words are very inspirational. "No one's success is accidental." although I only slept for 2 hours, my eyes are tired, my stomach is tired, and my hands and feet are weak, it doesn't matter because today's work is done today, tomorrow's work is done tomorrow. "Zhang manru, you should remember that no matter what you do in other people's eyes, don't give up on yourself because You and your family "

Recently, a little girl got angry again. I don't know if you have brushed her video. This is a 19-year-old girl from the countryside. She became the founder of meidizhi by her own efforts. Every video of her has records of these experiences. It's not easy for a girl who is also young and looks very small!

Why is she a net red bear? Because she has also done this! We all know that there are many funny videos of these bears on this platform. People who have played should know that they are very popular. She has also done this. There is a video of her dressing up as a bear, then sweating, very hard, and the appearance of her brother. A little girl is very hard, in order to make her family have a good life.

Her name is Zhang manru. She has worked hard to become the chairman step by step and share her story on this platform! Do you know her?